What Exactly Mercy Johnson’s Husband Does For A Living?

what Mercy Johnson's husband does for a living
What Mercy Johnson’s husband does for a living

Have you been wondering what Mercy Johnson’s husband does for a living and how he made so much fortune?

This article will cover exactly what Mercy Johnson’s husband does for a living, his net worth, and how he made his money before venturing into politics.

Even when he was in Italy, what he did do to make his money over there, and what happened that made him return to Nigeria to establish his billion Naira business empire and eventually get married to actress Mercy Johnson?

In this article, we will also answer the question “Is Mercy Johnson’s husband a real prince or is it just a name given at birth?”

Who is Mercy Jonhson’s husband

Mercy Jonhson’s husband is Prince Odianosen Okojie from Edo state, Nigeria.

Prince Odi Okojie is a real prince from the descendant of the Okojie royal family in Uromi Esan North-East native authority located in the Edo state of Nigeria. This means that he is actually a real prince tasted and confirmed!

Since most princes have kingdoms and would one day succeed their fathers to become kings, this is also the case for Prince Odi if he is the first son.

Though not much is known about Prince Odi’s family and siblings, he is also said to be the cousin to the King of Uromi, Anslem Okojie. That’s not all, the APC chieftain and former Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources Hon. Prince Joe Okojie is also his cousin.

This means that Prince Odi did not just come from a royal family but from a wealthy royal family. This is also to tell you that Prince Odi’s family is well connected with power in Edo state.

Mercy Johnson’s husband humble beginning in Italy

Now let’s talk about Prince Odi’s humble beginning and what Mercy Johnson’s husband does for a living. How he built his business empire right from Italy to when he relocated back to Nigeria his home country.

Just like other Edo people and Italy being 5 and 6, Prince Odi traveled to Italy as a young boy where he started his early life. There he started doing different kinds of business that made him money. Although the kind of business he was doing in Italy was not well described he was making a lot of money to be well comfortable.

While in Italy, he met Adaeze Lovely his first wife, they dated for a while, fell in love, and eventually got married. Their marriage produced two kids for the couple, a boy and a girl.

One thing led to the other that caused their separation. After their separation, Lovely Okojie moved to Canada to start a new life while Prince Okojie moved back to Nigeria to start afresh.

The question is when Prince Okojie moved to Nigeria, how did he start afresh, and what Mercy Johnson’s husband do for a living in Nigeria?

How Mercy Johnson’s husband became a billionaire

Well, While in Nigeria, Prince Okojie started a mini importation business and was doing very well in that field, His business would see him traveling in and outside Nigeria, and that was how he met Mercy Johnson on a business class flight to France.

They exchanged numbers, started talking, fell in love, and got married.  We will discuss his marriage with Mercy Johnson later in this article because their wedding caused a controversy between Prince Odi’s former wife and Mercy Johnson.

Ever since Prince Okojie relocated to Nigeria, and started with a mini importation business, he has gradually diversified his streams of income by doing a lot of other business and he is a self-acclaimed businessman.

What exactly does Mercy Johnson’s husband do for a living in Nigeria?

Many people don’t know this but aside from his recent wave in politics, he has achieved quite much for himself as a businessman. Prince Okojie is best recognized as the Chairman and CEO of the Henod Group of Companies, which has investments in oil and gas, automobiles, and hospitality services.

He is also recognized as one of the notable real estate developers in the country, owning several expensive houses both in Edo State and in Lagos.

Mercy Johnson’s husband political career

Talking about his political career, in 2018, Prince Odi contested a seat at the Edo State House of Representatives but the election was later canceled.

Recently, he contested for a seat at the Federal House of Representatives under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) which he won and has received his certificate of return.

Although Prince Odianosen Okojie’s educational background is not known judging from his achievements and level in Nigerian politics, there is no doubt that he’d gained some level of education.

Prince Odi was born on November 17, 1973, and he is currently 50 years old at the time of writing g this article. He is older than his wife Mercy by over ten years because Mercy was born on August 28, 1984.

Mercy Johnson’s husband net worth

Prince Okojie is a successful businessman and politician who has garnered a lot of wealth for himself and his family.

Through his businesses, which have investments in automobiles, real estate, hospitality, oil, and gas has amassed a net worth of approximately $7 million.

Prince Okojie’s wealth comes mainly from his company, Henod Group of Companies. But recently, he has been making a huge amount of his wealth from politics totaling Mercy Johnson’s husband net worth to over $10 million.

Prince Okojie’s marriage with Mercy Johnson

Talking deeply about Prince Okojie’s marriage with Mercy Johnson, The prince got married to the famous actress on August 27, 2011, at the age of thirty-eight, and he welcomed his first child with her at the age of thirty-nine. Prince Okojie has been married twice.

His first marriage was to a certain woman named Lovely Okojie who although details of how and when they got married are not known, bore him two adorable children. It is said that Odi and Lovely were joined together in traditional marriage but they never formalized their union in a church or court wedding.

Apparently, Prince Odi ended his marriage with Adaeze Lovely only 72 hours after taking another marital oath with his newly-found love. He divorced his estranged wife on the grounds that their marriage fell apart as a result of Lovely’s acts of hostility, hatred, cruelty, and quarrelsomeness towards him.

His second marriage is to the famous Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson. Mercy and Prince Okojie tied the knot at the Christ Embassy church in Ikeja and their wedding reception happened at the 10 Degree event center along Billings Way, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Prince Okojie’s marriage with actress Mercy Johnson may have lasted for many years but their love story goes years beyond that. The couple met each other for the first time on a business-class flight to France in 2008.

They started a discussion on board that ended with the Edo prince requesting Mercy Johnson’s phone number which she gave him after much persuasion. This began their love story as they started dating after meeting in person severally.

Mercy Johnson and Prince Okojie dated for three whole years before deciding to lock their relationship with a glamourous wedding ceremony.

It is, however, not confirmed if Odi was still linked to his first wife Lovely at the time he got into a relationship with the Nigerian actress.

Mercy Johnson’s marriage with Prince Odianosen Okojie is among the most controversial celebrity marriages in the country and this is primarily because of the interference of Prince Ode’s first wife Adaeze Lovely. The estranged wife came to public consciousness when in 2011, she raised an alarm, accusing the Edo Prince of making plans to marry another woman while he was still legally married to her.

The report about Prince Odi being legally married to Adaeze Lovely in Italy spread further amid his plans to start a new life with actress Mercy Johnson. This brought so many controversies to their union to the point that it almost ended his marriage to Mercy.

Adaeze Lovely backed up her claims with several pictures of her family with Prince Okojie, which includes their two grown-up children who apparently were Prince Okojie’s kids. She also released online photos of her marriage certificate backing up claims that she was still legally married to Mercy Johnson’s groom-to-be.

According to Adaeze Lovely her husband, Prince Okojie told her that Mercy Johnson was just a business partner and that he was in Nigeria to do some contracts and suddenly she started reading online about their wedding.

Adaeze’s story broke the internet at the time, causing many to wonder why Mercy Johnson chose a married man over single men who are scattered everywhere. Most of her fans discouraged her from going further with the wedding while others encouraged her, stating that a full-grown man can never be snatched unless he wants to leave the marriage.

However, Prince Odianosen Okojie then decided to clear the air by telling his own part of what happened. He stated without reserve that his relationship with Lovely Okojie ended in 2007 when she was having extramarital affairs.

He said after the demise of their marriage, he relocated to Nigeria and later heard that Lovely had moved to Canada. However, despite the controversies surrounding their union that could have damaged their relationship, Odi, and Mercy insisted on proceeding with their wedding, and they finally got married in a glamourous wedding ceremony.

Today, after over a decade-long marriage, Prince Okojie has shown the world that he truly loves actress Mercy Johnson with the way he supports her in anything she does. Adeze Lovely appears to have moved on with her life after her public outcry never yielded any meaningful fruit.

Mercy Johnson and her husband have worked together to build their home with so much love and regard for each other. The prince himself has once disclosed that the secret behind their successful marriage was because of his wife’s effort to uphold their union despite their individual differences and careers.

Mercy on the other hand has also not failed to appreciate her husband for his efforts in ensuring their marriage continued to work.

Prince Odianosen Okojie’s marriage to Mercy Johnson has produced four lovely kids, three daughters and a son. Apart from Prince’s four children with actress Mercy Johnson, the politician also has two children from his previous partner, Lovely Okojie.

Although the true details surrounding their sudden separation were not given, it was revealed that the Prince’s love story with the estranged woman produced a daughter named Precious Okojie, and a son Harmony Okojie. Precious and Henry are both older than Odi’s children with the Nollywood diva, Mercy.

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