Olu Jacobs Health Is Getting Terrible

Olu Jacobs health condition
Olu Jacobs health condition

Olu Jacobs health condition has been a thing of concern for his fans, especially when news broke out that Olu Jacob is suffering from Lewy body Dementia.

According to a recent report, Olu Jacobs’s sickness is getting terrible and the man who used to be one of the most vibrant Nollywood actors is no longer himself.

He can no longer recognize things as the actor easily forgets things and sometimes says things that no one can understand.

In this article, we are going to learn about Olu Jacobs current situation, his health condition, and what he is looking like right now.

How Olu Jacobs Sickness Started

When Olu Jacob’s Dementia sickness started, his family didn’t even realise that it had started, because he would behave normally today and then behave unusually tomorrow.

When he behaved unusually, they would ask him why he behaved like that, but he could not answer. So this made them believe it was a spiritual attack at first. They invited their spiritual father so many times and he was prayed upon.

However, his abnormal behaviors gradually started getting worse as days passed by. The most annoying symptom is that he kept forgetting things and kept saying things that no one could understand.

At this point, they started looking to know exactly the cause of his problems. This was when he was taken to the hospital where many tests were carried out and it came out that he was suffering from Lewy body dementia, a sickness that affects his thinking, behavior, mood, and mental abilities.

When doctors informed his family about the sickness, which sounded to them like that of someone that is crazy, his wife and children didn’t believe that kind of sickness was his portion, so they took him to different churches for prayers.

They also got to the point where they used natural herbs and organic medications. It was so difficult for his wife to truly accept that her husband would be like that for the rest of his life.

She cried and cried while begging God for a miracle, especially when she was told that there was no medication to cure the sickness, but only to control the symptoms with multiple medications. 

But like many people with Lewy body dementia, it’s tough to see that sharp, creative person turn into a shell who barely knows his children, has trouble with his first language, and needs help to move around.

Months and years passed with the actor still showing symptoms of dementia after trying so many options such as traditional means, medical means, and prayers. The family went through a lot to the point his wife was also having a psychological breakdown due to her husband’s ailment.

She was however offered help as well as the entire family to enable them to accept that the sickness is the reality of her husband.

How Olu Jacobs health started getting terrible

Although it took the Jocobs family a long time to truly accept that Olu Jacob is living with dementia, they eventually came to the point of acceptance,

After acceptance, Olu Jacob started racing treatment and then came out for his first appearance in November 2021 to receive the AFRIFF Awards. Although Olu Jacob didn’t comprehend what was going on, his wife was seen showing him all the love he needed.

He experienced confusion and an inability to have normal conversations. The most noticeable symptom that he showed at the event was saying things that no one could understand.

Well, on his 80th birthday ceremony, we saw an improvement in his health, he was happy on his birthday and communicated very well with the help of his wife’s love and support.

But in a recent interview, Joke Silva opened up on her husband’s health and how it has become terrible.

Joke Silva said that the progression of Olu Jacob’s ailment has brought significant changes to him, and the person she married, is no longer there.

She made this known in an interview with fellow Nollywood actress and TV personality Nancy Isime. According to Joke Silva, her husband Olu Jacobs doesn’t really know what is happening around him.

He doesn’t recognize his family anymore and sometimes talks in a language most people don’t understand. Joke Silva said it hasn’t been easy for her and the family since the deterioration became rapid.

Why Olu Jacobs’s wife is taking good care of him

Olu Jacobs and his beautiful wife Joke Silva have been married since 1989 and counting. The couple met in 1981 at the National Theatre, Lagos during the 21st Independence anniversary and became friends before they started dating.

Actually, Olu Jacob came back to Nigeria from England because he was invited to co-direct Wole Soyinka’s metamorphosis. Joke Silva was among the performers in that same show.

On the day of the rehearsal, Joke Silver and her crew were in one room rehearsing, While Olu Jacob was at Mrs. Enem’s office discussing the production.

So Joke Silva walked into the office because she had been asked to go tell Mrs. Enem how far she and her crew had gone with rehearsal. So when she opened the door, Olu Jacob so her and fell in love immediately. He quickly stopped everyone from talking and said, this is the lady I’m going to marry.

It was totally unexpected pickup line for Joke Silva, so she didn’t find it funny. To show how hard to get she was, she sized him from head to toe, then delivered her message to Mrs Enem and left the office.

However, Olu Jacob later approached her again in a friendly manner, and from there, they became friends. After the show, Olu Jacob went back to the UK and shortly after, Joke Silva got admission into a drama school in England, and they linked up again.

At this time, they became really close friends. So when things were shifting into a relationship, Olu Jacob was in a relationship with someone else at the time, so he told Joke Silva that he needed to sort out his affairs first.

After he broke up with his girlfriend at the time, Olu Jacob and Joke Silva began dating in the UK. They dated for more than four years before eventually getting married.

However, after their marriage, they gradually relocated to Nigeria to settle down. Before their first five years of marriage, they began having children. At first, they gave birth to a baby girl, but she died. Actually, Olu Jacobs and his beautiful wife were proud parents to their daughter and first child Dayo Jacobs before she died at the age of 10 due to an undisclosed illness.

After Dayo’s death, Uncle Olu and Joke Silva went on to have their two sons. And then Joke Silva started having medical challenges, which were postnatal depression. And this made her go gaga, Olu Jacobs’s siblings didn’t understand it so her mom was called to help out. But once she got treatment, she became fine.

Olu Jacob’s two sons are  Olusoji and Olugbenga Jacobs. Olusoji is Uncle Olu’s first son. Olusoji is the General Manager of Lufodo Production. Lufodo is a part of Lufodo Group, a company owned by the Jacobs family. He is 31 years old.

Olusoji tied the knot with the love of his life, Boma Douglas in a huge, emotional wedding ceremony in Lagos in 2018. According to reports, the couple started dating in 2016 and their relationship has grown so much since they first met.

The vibrant wedding ceremony took over the internet as the entire family looked their best to witness the special occasion. pictures from their wedding wedding ceremony surfaced online and many fans poured in their congratulations to the adorable couple.

Clearly, the ceremony was a huge ceremony that they planned to make highly memorable. Olu Jacobs and his wife became grandparents after their first son Olusoji welcomed a child with his wife, Boma.

The baby was born in Maryland, United States of America and she bears Dayo, the same name as her late aunty Dayo Jacobs, Uncle Olu, and mummy Joke’s first daughter who passed away. But later on, it was rumored that their wedding crashed.

Olugbenga is Olu Jacobs’ baby of the house. According to reports, Olu Jacobs’s two surviving sons studied in the United Kingdom. In 2016, Joke Jacobs shared a photo of their son Olugbenga Jacobs at the backstage of the MTN Project Fame season 9 nomination show. He is currently 23 years old.


Above is the story about Olu Jacobs health and how it is getting terrible. We also shed some light on how his wife is taking good care of him in this difficult time.

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