Meet Judy Austin First Husband, Emmanuel Obasi

Judy Austin First Husband
Judy Austin First Husband

Judy Austin first husband, Emmanuel Obasi has come out to talk his side of the story about what transpired between him and Judy Austin.

Even though Judy Austin has been acting in Nollywood for many years, no one knew about her and her talent couldn’t get her fame, but her marriage with Yul Edochie gave her fame.

But the question that kept ringing in a lot of people’s minds is; who is Judy Austin first husband, Why did Judy Austin leave her first husband? and how many times Judy Austin has been married before she married Yul Edochie?

All these questions will be answered in this article, including Judy Austin first husband’s biography. But before then, who is Judy Austin?

Who is Judy Austin?

Uchechukwu Muoghalu popularly known as Judith Austin is a curvy Nollywood actress and producer. The fast-rising movie star hails from Umuoji in Idemilli North, Anambra State where she was born.

Judy Austin was born on 31 December 1987 in Anambra State in the southeastern part of Nigeria and she is currently 35 years old at the time of writing this article.

She did both her primary and secondary school education in Anambra State and then proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State for her tertiary school education.

After her tertiary school education, Judy Austin began her career, however, She was not always an actress. The Unizik graduate started a career path in modeling and tried her hands at music but failed woefully in both parts.

Failing to see success in music and modeling, she switched to acting, but only after meeting a movie director and producer, Silvester Maduka who urged her to give acting a try on account of her beauty and height. She accepted and began to network with Nollywood celebrities, and was featured in a movie titled ‘Secret of the Witches’ in 2013.

Judy Austin didn’t still make a name for herself as an actress, so she opted to be a movie producer which she began in 2018 after making money from another source. Apart from acting she is an entrepreneur who owns a Boutique.

At this point, their hunger for fame became so much that she began featuring in her movies alongside Yul Edochie as the main character. Four years later, her on-screen husband would later become her real-life husband.

Who is Judy Austin first husband?

Judy Austin first husband is Obasi Emmanuel. He is an Onitsha-based businessman who lives in Anambra state, Nigeria.

Mr Emmanuel Obasi hails from Mmaku, a town in the Awgu local government area of Enugu State, Nigeria, but resides in Onitsha Anambra state, where he does his business.

During Judy Austin first husband’s stay in Onitsha, he met and married Judy Austin, a native of Umuoji, in Idemili North – a local government area in Anambra State, Nigeria.

The 45-year-old businessman met and got married to Judy Austin when he was 29 and Judy Austin was 19 then.

Judy Austin first husband, Emmanuel Obasi got married to her on November 3, 2007, in a traditional and white wedding ceremony. They finally broke up in the year 2012, after a marital problem that began when Judy Austin’s elder sister started visiting his home frequently.

Why did Judy Austin leave her first husband?

Judy Austin first husband, Emmanuel Obasi, actually came out to narrate how Judy Austin left him.

Obasi narrated how Judy Austin met Yul Edochie when she started University in Anambra State and they both started dating in 2012 while still married to him.

Though Judy Austin first husband said he reported the incident to Judy Austin’s parents, they continued with the secret affairs.

Judy Austin first husband also narrated how Judy Austin’s desperation to attain great Nollywood heights like her senior colleagues, Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji, pushed her into leaving him and marrying Yul Edochie.

However, he said that troubles began in his marriage after Judy Austin’s elder sister, Chidinma started visiting them every weekend.

Eventually, Judy Austin ran away with their kids after Emmanuel Obasi refused to buy her a house in Enugu state. Since then Judy Austin has been denying him access to his two children.

He added that he was still having carnal knowledge of Austin when she ran to Yul Edochie, so, Star Dikeh, the son she had with Yul Edochie might be his son. Judy Austin first husband claimed that he and Judy Austin were still having sexual relations and she became pregnant before she pinned the pregnancy on Yul Edochie.

Before we talk about how Judy Austin lured Yul Edochie into marrying her, let’s talk about her other husbands.

After Yul Edochie made their marriage open, Judy Austin became a public discussion, and people started digging into her private life to know who she was.

One big question that has been ringing in people’s minds is if Judy Austin was previously married before she got married to Yul Edochie, and if the answer is yes, then how many men has she gotten married to?

Judy Austin has been romantically linked with so many men. Among the men she has been linked with is her first husband Emmanuel Obasi whom she has two children.

However,  it’s unclear how many men Judy Austin has been married to but all we can say is that she has been romantically linked with so many men.

For now, she is known to be married to Mr Emmanuel Obasi who happens to be Judy Austin first husband, and then Yul Edochie, her current husband. Maybe, more will unfold in the future. 

Since she has been married before with kids, many wonder why and how Yul Edochie still insisted on marrying her, like how Judy Austin lured Yul Edochie into marriage.

How did Yul Edochie & Judy Austin’s relationship start?

In April 2022, Yul Edochie made Judy Austin popular after he announced that he got married to a second wife. Yul also mentioned that his second wife is the mother to his son Star Munachimso.

 However, Yul Edochie and Judy Austin’s relationship and love story went public as far back as 2016, by that time Judy Austin first husband was still looking to get their marriage back as they were having an affair.

Are you surprised? Let’s go into full details of how Judy Austin lured Yul Edochie into marriage.

Judy Austin first met Yul Edoche in public in 2016, when they were featured as husband and wife in the movie. Based on this caption, it looks like the relationship has already taken off. They later met and worked together again in Lagos in 2017, during an event where they were coupled as brand ambassadors for a perfume brand.

Later, they’ll walk on Valentine’s promo videos for the product and travel around a few states to promote it while doing media rounds together.

Things were moving so fast for the two who often worked together and often ended up as a couple or husband and wife in movies. In April of the same year, Yul Edochie introduced Judy Austin to his legendary father, Pete Edochie, and he met her on the set of Genevieve Naji’s movie, Lion Heart.

The secret on that day, Judy Austin also met her ideal and favorite actor in the industry, Genevieve Naji.

However, Judy eventually decided to try her hands at producing her movies which Yul Edochie assisted her financially and otherwise. Yul acted as well as directed the movie.

In May of 2018, auditions for the movies started and Judy began working more often with Yul Edochie Two, four, seven. By May of 2018, the movie was a rap. After eleven days of continual shooting, this was when she gave a special appreciation to Yul Edoche, calling him a best friend, a great teacher, a legend, and a wonderful soul.

Native Girl movie became a heat and very successful to Judy’s amazement, all thanks to Yul Edochie and his masterstroke.

The actors began working on several other productions together, and by the end of 2018, Judy had produced two films. She will go on and set up a production company, and in 2019, the duo worked on Fear, produced by Yul Edochie. With Yul Edochie as a mentor and director.

While all this was going on, Judy never missed any of Yull Edochie’s birthday and often celebrated him. She also celebrated all his achievements and was fond of constantly showering him with prayers and praises, but people assumed it was all about a junior colleague doing the needful for a superior. But today, we know why.

Judy didn’t stop there. She also celebrated Pete Edochie on the occasion of his birthday. However, The couple got married through a traditional wedding after giving birth to a son together named Star Munachimso Yul-Edochie. Judy Austin’s first baby with Yul was born on 21 November 2021.

Fast forward to April 27, 2022. After finally unveiling Judy as his second wife, Yul wasn’t in his real home and was making all these posts from the home of his second wife Judy in Anambra state.

The couple has reportedly moved in together at the time. Before you could know it, a new photo from the church dedication of their son surfaced online. Apart from commenting, may God judge you both on Yul Edochie’s post when he announced his new son and second wife, May Edoche, his first wife hasn’t said much since then.

We guess she’s still wondering how her husband saw another woman under her nose for over six years and she wasn’t suspicious of his moves.

However, the report has it that Judy Austin gave birth for the second time to Yul Edochie in 2023 and the child is a baby girl.


Above is all you need to know about Judy Austin first husband, Emmanuel Obasi.

The key takeaway is that Judy Austin first husband is an Onitsha-based businessman who got married to her at the age of 19. Judy Austin first husband is from Enugu State while Judy is from Anambra State.

Thank you for reading this piece about Judy Austin first husband and the things he went through at the hands of the Nollywood actress.

If you want to still know more about Judy Austin first husband and her other husband, you can watch the video below.


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