How Davido Got Four Women Pregnant At Once

Davido got four women pregnant at once
Davido got four women pregnant at once

Have you ever wondered how Davido got four women pregnant at once in 2023?

It’s no longer news that Davido has been cheating on his wife, Chioma Adeleke with different women all around the world.

From the United States to France, the United Kingdom, and even in Nigeria. Davido has been on different shapes and sizes of women lately.

In this article, we will look into how Davido got four women pregnant at once in 2023, starting from the most recent one Ivanna Bay a French lady who lives in Paris, France.

Ivanna Bay

Davido and Ivanna Bay started their romance in April of 2023 when Davido visited Paris for the promotion of his album, Timeless. Davido, who is a global brand ambassador for alcohol brand Martell also visited the Martell Headquarters. He was received by employees and company executives of the company who were super excited to have him and his team in Paris.

There he met Ivanna Bay, a 22-year-old Real Estate worker who took him around the country of France. During the time they were together they developed feelings for each other and before you know it they had the judge to eat each other raw.

Well, I can’t tell if what they had was a one-night stand or if they did it severally, but after Davido left France with his crew members, he was still chatting and speaking with Ivanna Bay as people in love do. Such as making video calls and sending love messages.

Davido also flew back to Paris the second time and when he landed he told her to come meet him at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris, France.

Davido even had the intention of flying her down to Nigeria to show her around Lagos, just like she showed him around Paris. They were planning on her visit and she was preparing her visa application to land in Nigeria when she fell ill. but she wasn’t sick, she was just experiencing some pregnancy symptoms.

However, on May, 3 a few weeks after Davido left France, Ivanna Bay recorded herself while doing a pregnancy test and the result turned out that she was pregnant. When she told Davido that she was pregnant, Davido didn’t believe her because she was meant to take pills after sex so Davido was finding it funny.

Davido then asked her if she was doing that because he didn’t send money. Ivanna replied that she didn’t ask him for money, that he was the one that promised her money so why would she be angry?

Davido then asked her if the pills didn’t work, but the girl didn’t answer Davido, instead, she told him not to call her again because she was feeling insulted by how Davido was reacting to the pregnancy. She even promised Davido that she was not going to keep the baby and that he should not worry.

Still, Davido was not convinced that she was truly pregnant, so he asked her to go to the hospital and do a pregnancy test and then show him. She did and sent him the scanned result of the pregnancy test on WhatsApp, that was when Davido now believed that she was truly pregnant.

Davido asked her to remove the pregnancy, she tried making inquiries about it and discovered that it is hard to have an abortion in France. And in some cases, she might be infertile, so that made her afraid to go through with the abortion.

However, when Davido discovered that she had the intention of keeping the baby contrary to what she promised him initially, Davido tried to trick her into signing a document that would guarantee her $10,000, but she later found out that the document was a confidentiality agreement that would prevent her from making their affair or the pregnancy public.

Luckily for her, she didn’t sign the agreement and was not hoping to make the pregnancy public until Davido’s pregnancy with Anita started trending and she was like so I’m not the only one that is pregnant for him. Her pregnancy made the public know that Davido got four women pregnant at once.

Anita Brown

Talking about Anita’s pregnancy, Davido and Anita met in 2017 in a club in Dubai. Anita came for a vacation while Davido came to perform. When Davido saw her, he approached her and collected her contact details.

That same night, he invited her to his hotel room and that marked the beginning of their romantic affair that lasted for several months. He flew her to different places including his shows and parties. They started dating but it was on and off.

However, they finally broke up the last time in 2019 when Davido sang the Assurance song and also unveiled Chioma as the only love of his life whom he would marry. Davido also made it clear in the song assurance that Anita should stay far away and that he doesn’t want to do it again. Anita eventually moved on with another guy all through the pandemic lockdown.

Fast forward to 2023, Davido was a frequent visit to the US and needed some friends to help him get over the pain of his son’s death. He met Anita in the US and before you knew it, they rekindled their affairs. They started seeing each other and even started dating.

Then in April, she started feeling sick. She did so many tests including a pregnancy test which she recorded herself doing and it turned out to be that she was pregnant.

When she told Davido that she was pregnant, Davido begged her to abort the baby but she refused. She was the first lady to publicly make it known that Davido got four women pregnant at once.

Actually, Anita told Davido that she wanted to keep the baby because she wanted to have a child of her own and she did not have the intention of getting married to him.

Anita is already 29 years old without a child and wants to start making babies. Davido even offered to pay her $15,000 for an abortion, but she blatantly refused.

This got Davido angry, frightened, and betrayed because he was thinking that Anita would have his back just like Omhr Lay described his girl in his song titled Woman. So Davido blocked Anita on all platforms and stopped communicating with her.

When Davido blocked Anita, she was confused and didn’t know what to do so she started seeking advice on whether to go public with her pregnancy or not. That was how Gistlover got a hold of the story and published it on her blog. Immediately, it started trending, but it didn’t trend a lot because Gistlover posted it immediately after she posted Banky W’s cheating story.

However, Davido’s fans stormed Anita’s Instagram page and started insulting her for sleeping and getting pregnant for a married man. That was when Anita knew that Davido was already married.

After Gistlover posted the story, Davido unblocked Anita, asking her why she wanted to ruin his image and her image by telling people about the pregnancy. She told him that he blocked her and she didn’t know what to do. So Davido contacted Gistlover to take down the post, but Gistlover refused and insisted Davido pay her a huge amount of money before she would take it down.

When Davido told Anita about Gistlover’s reply. Anita told Davido not to give Gistlover a dime and that anything that he wanted her to do to clear his name she will do it. So Davido came up with a plan that Anita should write on her page that her Instagram account was hacked and any conversation that happened was not from her but from the hacker.

Anita did exactly what Davido said and people ignored the story while David and Anita started communicating as before but the vibe wasn’t the same.  Especially when Anita asked Davido to send her money and Davido said on Monday and eventually didn’t send the money. So Anita decided to go public, this time by herself.

Immediately, Clark Adeleke, Davido’s cousin contacted Anita. Clark told her that since she wants to keep the baby the Adeleke family respects her decision. He then told Anita not to go public yet, that once she gives birth they would do the needful and take the responsibilities from there if it’s an Adeleke.

But Anita refused, insisting that she would go public. Then Clark asked her if it was about the money she asked for earlier, whether she wanted them to renew her contract. Anita said she doesn’t want anything from anybody that she is good.

Eventually, Anita went public with her pregnancy. She was literally ranting and posting a lot of screenshots and videos on her page.

Chioma Adeleke

However, while Anita was ranting, she unknowingly informed the public that Chioma is currently pregnant, which is something that fans are not aware of, but Anita thought they already knew about it.

However, Davido and Chioma welcomed their twin baby in October 2023, the same month that his late son Ifeanyi Adeleke passed away.

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu shared a hint about the delivery in a post on his Church’s official Facebook page on Tuesday morning October 10, 2023. The cleric uploaded his supposed chat with Davido.

Also, Anita Brown, popularly known as Nina the Lite, who is Davido’s ex-girlfriend also congratulated the couple on the bundle of joy. Surprisingly Davido refused to confirm the good news on social media. Even when the news had already leaked and the blogs were using pictures of Davido and Chioma in the hospital to celebrate the twins.

However, Davido cautioned everyone to stop circulating old pictures that he snapped with Chioma during Ifeanyi’s birth. This particular tweet made everyone wonder if truly Chioma has given birth to a twin or if it’s just a rumor.

This confusion didn’t last for a few hours until the video of Chioma carrying the twin babies leaked on the internet on October 13, 2023. The video circulated online where Davido and Chioma were happily leaving a hospital in the United States where Chioma gave birth to their twins. The video which was recorded by Davido’s billionaire Dad, Adedeji Adeleke captured the moment Davido’s twin babies were about to have their first ride home in their grandfather’s car, a multi-million Naira Bentley car.

Well, Davido and Chioma welcomed a set of twins, a boy and a girl in Atlanta, United States which is where Davido and his other family members live. According to sources quoted by PM News, the twins arrived at about 9 pm on Monday 10 October 2023, a day before it leaked on the internet which was against Davido’s wish.


Here comes the fourth one which is the first person that is pregnant for Davido since after he lost his son.  In April 2023, both Gistlover and journalist Kemi Olunloyo revealed that Davido impregnated his 2nd baby mama, Amanda in the US. 

However, some reports said she had already given birth, while some said that she was still pregnant.

Watch the video of how Davido got four women pregnant at once in 2023 below.


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