The Truth Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe

Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe
Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe

Have you been wondering why Sonia Uche is not answering Nnebe? This article will explain the main reason why Sonia Uche is not answering Nnebe.

While her three other siblings bear the surname, Nnebe, fans keep wondering why Sonia Uche’s surname is different. The Nollywood actress is the only daughter of Uche Nancy who is bearing Uche which happens to be the surname of her mother.

Because of this a lot of people doubt if Sonia Uche and the rest of the daughters are blood-related. So in this video, we are going to talk about why Sonia Uche is not answering Nnebe and also clear up your confusion on that.

So read this article to the end if you have been asking yourself why is Sonia Uche not answering Nnebe.

Why Sonia Uche Is Not Answering Nnebe

Actress Sonia Uche was born on the 25th of May with no year of birth disclosed yet. She is the first child and daughter of veteran movie producer, actress, and costumier, Uche Nancy, as well as the sister of fellow Nollywood actress, Chinenye Nnebe.

Y’all know that Sonia is the first child of Uche Nancy. So when Sonia was born she was named Sonia Uche with the name Uche as her surname which happened to be her grandfather’s name and the name her both parents are bearing. She answered the name of the school and other important places. A few years later, Sonia Uche’s parents got divorced.

After their divorce, Uche Nancy went on to give birth to the other three children. Instead of bearing their grandfather’s name, the three of them answer their father’s name.

Because Sonia Uche has answered her grandfather’s name in schools and other important places, she didn’t think it was a good idea to change it so she continued to bear Uche as her surname.

This means that Sonia Uche is answering their grandfather’s name while her sisters are answering their father’s name.

Talking about the relationship between their mother with their father, Uche Nancy and Mr Nnebe’s marital journey started back in the 90s. Uche Nancy was still battling with puberty as she was only 16 years old when she met her husband in her village in Anambra State.

At that age, she never knew that she would become the popular costume or movie producer that she is today. Aside from that, Uche Nancy was beautiful tall, and dark, so it was easy for her to attract any man although that age is what many would call child abuse.

At the age of 16, Mr Nnebe came into her life, befriended her, and within a few months, he married her at that young age. This could also explain why she has four fully grown adults but still looks younger.

Uche Nancy and her husband were blessed with four children, Sonia Uche an actress, Ijeoma Nnebe who is the CEO of Omah’s World boutique, Chinanu Nnebe who has a Hair Extension store and Chinenye Nnebe an actress and the last child of her family.

Uche Nancy and Mr. Nnebe were not able to overcome the ups and downs that come with marriage, so they had to divorce. So this is why Sonia Uche is not answering Nnebe because she chooses to answer her mother’s surname after the divorce.

Sonia Uche may have had an unpleasant childhood while growing up due to she experienced the divorce of her parents and the drama that comes with it, but this has not taken away her passion for acting.

Since their divorce, Uche Nancy has been the one taking care of her children, although report has it that Mr Nnebe is very much active in the lives of her daughters.

Sonia Uche got into acting through an audition. She came across the movie audition announcement on Facebook which stated that they were looking for aspiring actors between the ages of 18 and 35.

Back then, Sonia was at the 100 Level and about to take her first semester exams. Luckily, the audition was going to be held after her exams.

So, Sonia went to Abuja for the audition and two weeks later, she was invited to play a role in the movie titled “Complicated. That was her first gig. She played the role of a niece to Uncle Olu Jacob’s wife in the movie. Patience Ozokwor, Yemi Black, Juliet Ibrahim, and other veterans also starred in the movie.


We have explained above, you mind burgling question; why is Sonia Uche not answering Nnebe? We hope this has brought clarity to the main reason why Sonia Uche is not answering Nnebe.


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