Banky W Has Been Cheating On Adesua Etomi With Niyola

Banky W Has Been Cheating On Adesua Etomi With Niyola
Banky W Has Been Cheating On Adesua Etomi 

Banky W has been cheating on Adesua Etomi his wife since they got married and has gotten someone else pregnant multiple times, she aborted it but this last pregnancy is exposing all of Banky W’s secrets.

The secret relationship was between Banky W and his former record label signee Niyola who is currently based in the USA after quitting music.

Singer Niyola is a female Nigerian recording singer, and songwriter, who came into the spotlight after getting signed to Banky W’s EME Records in 2012.

Many times she was rumored to be romantically involved with Banky W but the rumors died down after she left EME Records, stopped singing, and relocated to the USA.

How Banky and Niyola started their affair

Banky W and Niyola’s relationship started when  Banky W started dating one girl a few years back, but one thing led to the other and they suddenly broke up because the girl left him for another guy. This broke Banky W’s heart so badly that he found Solace in the hands of his formal record label Signee, known as Niyola.

So Banky W and Niyola started having that best friend kind of relationship that eventually led to intimacy. When Banky tested her, he realized that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice so he didn’t let go. But he made it known to Niyola that they cannot date and he doesn’t have the intention to marry her.

Although Banky W told Niyola that the reason is because she was signed to her record label and wouldn’t want the world to know that he is messing with his record Lebel signee as he doesn’t want to be seen as someone who mixes business with pleasure.

So they kept their relationship under wrap, but deep down, Banky W’s main reason is that Niyola is too wild for him to date or marry.

On the other hand, Niyola was hoping that one day, Banky would change his mind and eventually see her as someone he would wish to marry, so she left his record label, stopped making music, and relocated to the US to start a new life and a new career.

While doing that she was still in a sexual relationship with Banky W but they were not dating. However, she got pregnant for the first time, and she had to abort it because Banky W had this principle that he would not have a baby before marriage.

Fast forward to a few months later, Banky W met another fine innocent lady, Adesua Etomi, and they started dating, fell in love, and before you know it their relationship led to marriage.

Banky and Niyola’s relationship after his marriage

All along, Banky W kept Niyola as his side chick and they were seeing each other even after Banky W got married.

Many did know that Banky W has been cheating on Adesua Etomi his wife. To Adesua Etomi, banky W and Niyola are just best friends who have known each other since way back.

However, Niyola is not yet married and she still believes that one day, Banky W will marry her even after he got married, she still had that in mind. She is based in the USA and sees herself as important as Banky W’s wife because the musician-turned-politician is always sending her money to the US.

Both Banky W and Niyola always shuffle between Nigeria and the US to see each other. Whenever she is in Nigeria, they stay in a hotel and when Banky W goes to the US, they stay in Niyola’s house in the US.

This has been happening for years and Banky W is so good at hiding traces from his wife, Adesua Etomi. Anything that goes down in his marriage, Niyola would be updated and this gave her the upper edge as special adviser to Banky W and Adesua Etomi.

Why Niyola threaten to open their relationship

Eventually, Niyola got pregnant again and she aborted it because of what the media would say and also because of Banky W’s political career.

As a matter of fact, Niyola has gotten pregnant twice for Banky W during the course of their secret relationship and she had aborted them all.

To this point, Niyola began feeling she was being left behind. She is getting older and has no child of her own yet, while still hoping that one day Banky W would see her as someone fit to be called his wife. Because of this, she had even given herself the title of Banky W’s wife US chapter.

Luckily for Niyola, she got pregnant for the third time for Banky W and she is insisting on keeping the baby. At this point, Niyola doesn’t care anymore what the outcome would be, especially when Banky W failed in his political career in the last election, so there is no political reputation to protect except his marriage which she doesn’t care about.

Banky W has been begging her to abort the baby or else their relationship which has lasted for many years will end. But Niyola insists on keeping the baby and threatens that if Banky W doesn’t want to accept her and the baby, she will go public with the pregnancy and expose everything that has been happening secretly between them.

So because of the backlash from Yul Edochie’s case, Banky W has been calm and has been complying with Niyola’s request for now.

Well, this news was disclosed by Gistlover, the same blog that broke the news of Yul Edochie’s own and so many other celebrity news that turned out to be true. This is why it is seen as very reliable and why it is trending everywhere.

After news broke out that Niyola and Banky were cheating

However, because Banky W is still complying with Niyola’s request and the gift of his understanding wife, Adesua Etomi whose reputation is also at stake, Banky W is still in good fate for now.

Hours after the news of Banky W’s alleged affair with singer Niyola broke on the internet, numerous videos and images have surfaced. Internet investigators discovered and shared a video of Banky W addressing a congregation about the strength of resistance and his old habits.

In the video, Banky W was telling the church how he had been enslaved to a wild lifestyle since after he became a star. He stated that he had slipped multiple times, even after making a firm decision to break himself from his wild lifestyle.

Banky then encouraged the congregation to fill themselves with the word of God so that the Holy Spirit would be present in them to give them resistance, and the wild additions would be met with a body filled with purpose.

Reacting to the news Banky posted on his status that everyone should remember to go to church today and not because of his trending story miss church. So tell me in the comment section if you missed church or not.

The reason this is trending is because Banky W had always portrayed himself as a true Christian and loving husband. Actually, all these are issues of marriage, but the problem is when you paint yourself as a saint to the media, and paint your marriage as a holy grail, when this kind of thing happens it will blow up the internet as if it is something new.

In fact, the whole of Nigeria loves their marriage and taps into it oftentimes because he is seen as a perfect gentleman who is always faithful to his wife. He has never been linked to any woman since his career, except when he started dating his wife.

Well, that was the same reputation that Yul Edochie had before his secret affairs were busted by Gistlover. During that time he was admired by Nollywood lovers because he married his first wife when he was 22 and they lived together for years without any marital issues. At the end of the day, what happened? Most of them are sleeping around, but forming innocent on social media.

It’s always the bald-headed guys doing the most. You don’t have for head, you no still stay in one place. This particular cheating pains me to enter my Red blood cells. Well, this is the one reason to fear men with this kind of hair.

Banky W, Yul Edochie, and 2baba, all have one thing in common, which is cheating, and their cheating usually comes with a baby out of marriage. So if you have a husband or boyfriend with this kind of haircut, sis we know what you are passing through or going to pass through so we sympathise with you.

How Banky W and Adesua Etomi started dating

When Banky W openly started dating Adesua Etomi, no single person ever believed he had or was in a relationship with Niyola.

Actually, Banky W met his heartthrob, Adesua Etomi, a popular Nigerian actress, on social media. It all started with an Instagram DM. Banky W was the one who took the bold step of sending a direct message to his wife on Instagram after stalking her for some time on the internet.

According to Adesua Eto, the first message Banky W sent her on Instagram was funny and it got her laughing which made her believe they were going to be good friends ( you girls like being friends with funny guys).

However, both Adesua Etomi and Banky W have revealed they never intended to date or get married to someone in the entertainment industry,  but it was fate that brought them together as a couple.

Their relationship met in 2015 and became friends, but both parties kept it on the low, and away from the prying eyes of the media until they both starred in “Wedding Party” which somehow gave their relationship away to the public.

Eventually, they made their relationship public father they got engaged in 2017 and had their wedding the same year. Since then, Banky W and Adesua Etomi have maintained a relatively controversy-free marriage and are loved both both music fans and movie fans.

Their marriage made Banky W and Adesua Etomi among the Nollywood Couples who got married after acting as couples in movies

Now rumors are flying around that Banky W has been cheating on Adesua Etomi his wife. Click the video below to watch how Banky W has been cheating on Adesua Etomi with Niyola


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