How 1 Viral Podcast Ruined Saidaboj’s Life

SaidBoj podcast
Saida Boj at the Honest Bunch Podcast, Season 5. (Credit: Glitch Africa Studios).

If you are a Nigerian and you have not come across Saidaboj’s news, then you have been busy learning the newly approved national anthem.

For the past few days, Saidaboj has been trending for very bad reasons on every blog in Nigeria, and just like MTN, she is everywhere you go.

This is because Saidaboj has been publicly canceled by many Nigerians, celebrities, the government authorities, and most especially social media giant companies such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, because of a single statement she made in a podcast.

Understandably, Nigerians would bash her for this kind of statement, but how did it escalate so much to trigger the involvement of Nigerian authorities, especially global social media giants? To understand how Saidaboj’s statement got to the level of destroying her life, we have to take it back to the beginning.

Saida Boj childhood

Now if you are familiar with Saidaboj’s upbringing, you would know the probability of her saying what she said in that podcast was unlikely.

Sarah Idaji Ojone, widely recognized by her nickname Saidaboj was raised in a privileged family background and currently lives in Abuja with a family that provided all her financial needs while growing up.

Her father is an Igala man from Kogi State, and her mother is from Edo State.

However, Saidaboj was born in Delta State on September 4th, in the Gen Z year of 2001, which means she is merely 22 years old. She’s the eldest of four children of her parents and the sixth in a family of six people.

Growing up in Agbor, Delta State, Saida Boj began her basic education there before her family made extra money, and just like most average Nigerians would do, they relocated to Abuja where she continued her education.

After her primary and secondary school education, she proceeded to The American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa state where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

Saida Boj’s journey to fame

Thinking that the American University of Nigeria got her an American certificate, Saidaboj began looking for a job, but Nigeria humbled her. That was when she remembered her long childhood desire to become an actress.

After numerous attempts to become an actress, she failed. She tried becoming a skit maker, but she failed. She then tried becoming a social media commentator and was nearly failing until she had a clash with Verydarkman.

The controversy that brought Saidaboj into the limelight was her publicized dispute with Verydarkman. The disagreement started from Verydarkblackman’s controversial remarks about women, echoing the lyrics from OdumoduBlvck’s song “IF SHE NO F**K IF SHE NO S**K. WHO GO PAY HER WIG AND HANDBAG?”

Verydarkblackman said that women engage in immoral activities to fulfill their desires. In response, Saidaboj took a stand against Verydarkblackman’s opinion about women. She strongly defended her dignity and advocated for women’s rights.

This disagreement turned into an online debate, with both parties airing their views and sentiments, leading to a heated and widely publicized controversy.

A lot of people applauded her, especially women siding with her because she was on the good side of women’s morality and speaking up to defend women’s dignity.

Saidaboj quickly captured public interest, amassing a substantial following on various social media platforms, with Instagram being a notable highlight.

She was loved by many, but how did the love suddenly turn to hate? Even Buhari never got that much hate.

Saida Boj’s controversial podcast

Saidaboj has tasted fame through controversy, and she understands that the more controversial she speaks the more famous she becomes. In her mind, she began thinking that every bad publicity is still publicity.

Recently, Nedu Wazobia and his team invited Saidaboj to their podcast, the Honest Bunch for her to share her opinion and discuss the definitions of what relationships, dating, and marriage should be about.

Nedu and her team were expecting her to come and defend the dignity of women which is what gave her the initial fame. However, Saidaboj had other things in mind.

She accepted the invitation to have a platform where she could say what would make her even more popular, without knowing it would be the end of her promising career.

On 27 May 2024, Saidoboj appeared on the podcast where they talked about dating. Just a single sentence from the middle of that two-hour-long podcast grabbed everyone’s attention.

While on the show, Saida noted that she was willing to sleep with any man who could give her N20m within a week of getting to know each other. She made us know that any man who wants to date her, is like someone who is planning to travel abroad, you must provide proof of funds.

SaidaBoj also described what she believes a talking stage with a potential lover should be like.

She said that her talking stages don’t last up to 24 hours before she starts billing a man. This is because if any man asks her out in the morning, she is quick to bill the man in the evening.

Said Boj further advised girls to always bill men within a day after giving out their number. She said if the guy can say up to N500k to  N2 million for a start, then know he is not capable.

In the podcast, she revealed that any man who does not have money does not deserve love. She stated categorically that only rich men and men who are willing to spend deserve to be loved.

She proceeded to advise men who are not financially buoyant to start hustling harder and expanding their energy into looking for a good-paying job instead of looking for a girl to be in a relationship with.

Before you know it an old video of Saida BOJ crying over heartbreak surfaced on the internet as people said that she had been heartbroken before which made her not believe in love anymore.

Consequences of Saida Boj’s podcast

What did she say in the two-hour-long podcast that resulted in this magnitude of condemnation from these powerful people? SaidaBoj said that N20 million was all she needed for any man to sleep with her.

Well, in all of Saida’s extreme views on the podcast about relationships and marriage the very one that sparked massive outrage on social media, which got people talking and asking questions about her, is the one where she said “If a man can spend N20 million on her weekly, he can get in between my legs”

This got many Nigerians angry and triggered that they began bashing her. A Nigerian guy dumped her girlfriend for supporting SaidaBoj’s statement, this is to tell how serious their anger was.

A lot of them made videos, while some expressed themself on Twitter. Celebrities joined in bashing her as they openly called on EFFC to investigate her and immediately arrest Saida BoJ.

The same week the podcast dropped, the first lady of Nigeria cautioned Nigerian ladies of immoral behaviors that are far from African culture. She said we need to caution our young girls about indecent dressing and immoralities.

However, instead of Saida Boj rendering an apology after the backlash of her statement, she began replying to public figures who openly called her out one after the other.

This got many even more angry that they started calling for immediate arrest of Saida BoJ. Why referencing the First Lady’s speech Nigerians called on the police and EFFCC to use her as the scapegoat for what the First Lady was talking about.

However, Within 24 hours, TikTok banned her and deleted her account. Before its suspension, she had approximately 1.3 million followers on the platform.

Instagram also banned Saida BOJ ‘s account with over 300k followers just a few hours after TikTok Deleted her account.

Before you could know it, Facebook followed suit and banned her Facebook account with over 600,000 followers. She was practically chased out of the internet.

Saida Boj’s reaction to the consequences

When Nigerians thought it was time for her to finally apologize for her statement, Saida BOJ opened another social media profile saying you all are happy that my Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram accounts with millions of followers all got deleted.

She assured them that she was back and would keep opening new accounts if they kept deleting her pages. She said if Nigerians used the same Energy they all used to Report her to Work Hard in their Life, that N20 million would be nothing to them.

That same day, she also posted a video to show that she was not in pain that her social media accounts were deleted as she headed out with her friends to go and Party and have a Good time.

Ever since then, Nigerians have been calling on blogs to stop posting and promoting her as they have totally canceled her. This may ruin her potential to get an endorsement deal as a content creator or even ruin her remaining career.

Because brands wouldn’t want to work with someone with this kind of bad and negative publicity. On the other hand, it could also be her breakthrough because Nigerians don’t value cancel culture. Check out for more interesting stories here

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