6 Ladies Ray Emodi Has Allegedly Dated

Ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated
Ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated

There are a lot of ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated. Most of these ladies are his colleagues in the Nollywood industry, while others are from other parts of the entertainment industry.

After Ray Emodi told Saturday Beats that dating many ladies helps him interpret romantic roles, people wonder how many ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated.

Most of his female fans wished they were among the many ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated and also dreamed of being his wedded wife, but only Ray Emodi knows the one he wants to get married to.

Below is a list of ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated. You will also know about Ray Emodi’s wife, Ray Emodi girlfriend, who Ray Emodi is engaged to, and how Ray Emodi got married because of some pictures he had shared on social media.

1. Luchy Donalds

Luchy Donalds is a Nollywood actress, model, and TV personality who is adored for her curvy figure and black beauty.

She is known for her roles in the Nollywood blockbuster movie titled “The Investigator.”

Luchy Donalds and Ray Emodi have been linked romantically, making her one of the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated.

This linking has been going on since 2022 when Luchy Donalds shared a video from a movie set.

In the video, Ray Emodi openly disclosed his intention to start a romantic relationship with actress Luchy Donalds.

The actor said this while grabbing Luchy Donalds from behind and kissing her on the neck.

Ray Emodi and Luchy Donalds
Ray Emodi and Luchy Donalds

However, the statement from Emodi got Luchy Donalds laughing in admiration which made people believe that there could be a chance for them to be in a relationship.

Since then, they started posting several pictures and videos of each other on their social media platforms, showing their affection and chemistry.

This made fans conclude that maybe they might be in a relationship but none of them have come out to debunk the news.

2. Onyii Alex

Onyii Alexx is a Nollywood actress, model, influencer, and entrepreneur.

The talented actress is best known for playing the character of Rita in the movie titled “Honeymoon Blues”

Onyii Alex and Ray Emodi have been speculated to be dating since the beginning of Ray’s breakthrough, especially when they started appearing together in some movies and events.

In most of the photos they share, Onyii Alex and Ray Emodi would be seen kissing or teasing.

Ray Emodi and Oyii Alex
Ray Emodi and Oyii Alex

The most recent picture showed the two actors as if they were going to do something with their lips together, making her one of the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated

However, both Onyii Alex and Ray Emodi have not officially announced their relationship status, or their marriage to the fans who are eager to know if they are truly in a relationship.

Most fans even think they are already married, but that is far from the truth.

3. Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime is a Nigerian model, television personality, and actress. Although she started her career as an actress, Nancy is popularly known for anchoring a program on HIP TV known as Trending and other TV shows.

Nancy Isime is the first female to be staged among the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated. This was the time Nancy Isime was working towards her breakthrough in Nollywood.

For the TV presenter, Nancy Isime, this has not been the case for the entirety of her career. She has surprisingly maintained a very clean and drama-free reputation in the entertainment industry.

Ray Emodi and Nancy isime
Ray Emodi and Nancy isime

However, in an interview with TVC, Nancy sat down with the host of Wake Up Nigeria to clear up all the rumors and finally address her relationship status.

Nancy Isime said that she doesn’t have time for guys and she is not in a relationship with any celebrity.

She said that she’s ready to get older and live her rich auntie fantasy and that all the rumors of her dating anybody in the industry, including Ray eMod, are false.

4. Destiny Etiko

The rumor that Destiny Etiko is dating Ray Emodi is not new. They have been pictured romantically even in movies and on social media, making Destiny among the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated.

Like most celebrities, Destiny Etiko tries to keep her personal and love life private, but there’s always dating news and rumors. Recently, Destiny Etiko caused stares on social media after she uploaded a loved-up picture of her together with an unidentified man on her official Instagram account.

The picture sparked controversy among her loyal fans, making them believe the man was truly her boyfriend. Since the relationship rumor surfaced on the Internet, the beautiful actress has not made any comments regarding the rumor, so it has not been ascertained whether the handsome man is truly destiny Etiko’s fiance or just a male friend and colleague.

Nevertheless, something might be going on between the two celebrities because they have been seen on different occasions hanging out together and they always react to each other’s social media posts with love emoji. After a little research, Destiny Etiko’s alleged boyfriend was simply identified as Dr. Success John.

So much drama builds around the topic of who is Destiny Etiko dating now. Who has she dated? Destiny Etiko’s boyfriend. Past relationships and dating history.

Well, to set the record straight, Ray Emodi is not married to Destiny Etiko. Like most people think, neither is he dating her. As of the time of this video, Ray Emodi isn’t married. Many fans have long lived with the idea that the duo have a thing or two.

5. Christiana Kayode

Recently, Ray Emody and Christiana Kayode were seen in a video that seems to be an engagement video, making her one of the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated.

This sparked a rumor that Ray Emody is currently engaged to his long-time girlfriend.

Kayode popularly known as Barbiedoll is an award-winning travel, fashion, and lifestyle content creator. She has over 700k followers on Instagram.

Ray Emody and Christiana Kayode
Ray Emody and Christiana Kayode

In the video, Ray Emodi was seen kissing Christiana Kayode all over and she was smiling.

He first kissed her hands, kissed her neck and they hugged as he was romantically pressing her bom-bom.

However, both Ray Emodi and Christiana Kayode have not come out to disclose if they are in a relationship, engaged, or if it was just a movie or comedy skit.

6. Ebube Nwagbo

Ebube Nwangbo is a popular Nigerian actress who started making movies in the early 200s. She is also an entrepreneur who owns a clothing brand.

Since the beginning of Ray Emodi’s career, Ebube Nwagbo has been one of the ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated. Many even believe Ebube Nwagbo and Ray Emodi are married. This is because of the romantic videos and pictures they share on social media, especially the ones they were in wedding attire.

According to popular Instagram blogger Cutie Jews Casey and Ebube Nwangbo initially ended their relationship in 2010 when the singer got married to his wife, Cynthia Ijoma Okonkwo in March, but it seems that they never actually separated, as the blogger claims they are still together.

Casey stayed silent, while Ebube Nwagbo on the other hand spoke up, saying it was untrue.

Since then, Ebube Nwangbo was rumored to be dating Ray eMod, but it was all just a rumor as the two were by no means dating. The actress revealed that she was in a relationship some time ago, but nothing is known about her mystery man.

In summary, the actor Ray Emodi currently has no relationship which is known with anybody. The relationship between Ray Emodi and Ebube Nwagbo is one far from movie acting. Their relationship seems to be strictly business and only exists in movie scripts.


The above list is several ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated. Even though he has not officially confirmed dating anyone of them, fans still believe that Ray Emodi is in one way or another in a relationship with at least one of them.

This is because Ray Emodi has not openly talked about the rumors and he has not made his love life known to the public. Nonetheless, the handsome actor seems not to be in a hurry when it comes to choosing a life partner.

One of the rumors is that Ray Emodi is the father of actor Dera Osadebe

Thank you for reading this article about ladies Ray Emod has allegedly dated till the end. You can click below to watch the video about ladies Ray Emodi has allegedly dated.


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