4 Children Of Omotola Jalade: Their Age, Marital Status, Biography, and Achievements

Children of Omotola Jalade
Four children of Omotola Jalade in a family portrait with the actress. The picture was taken at Double Doors Studio on a day their father, Matthew Ekeinde was out of town. (Photographer: Photokulture, Source: Instagram/realomosexy).

The children of Omotola Jalade have all grown into adulthood but not many of her fans know much about them, even though they grew up before their eyes.

Omotola Jalade was introduced to acting by accompanying a friend to an audition. Her first acting role was in the 1995 movie Venom of Justice, directed by Reginald Ebere.

Since then, her fans have watched her go through life, from marriage to having her amazing children. Omotola Jalade is blessed with four children, two boys and two girls.

In this article, we will learn about the children of Omotola Jalade and their biography, but before then, how did Omotola give birth to her four children?

How Omotola Jalade gave birth to four children

Omotola Jalade got married to her husband Captain Matthew Ekeinde in 1996.

They dated for about two years before Mathew proposed to Omotola and they got married before she went off to university.

The couple held a white ceremony on board a Dash 7 aircraft while flying from Lagos to Benin in (2001), with close family and friends present.

They have been happily married since 1996, maintaining over 25 years of a strong marriage, with very few rumors and scandals.

During their 25 years of marriage, they have been blessed with four children, 2 daughters and two sons.

But one thing that is unknown to a lot of her fans is Omotoal Jalade’s children and their biography.

Children of Omotola Jalade

Omotola Jalade’s children are Princess Ekeinde, Mathew Junior Ekeinde, Meraiah Ekeinde and Micheal Ekeinde.

Her fans want to know more about the children of Omotola’s children, their age, the name of the school they attended or they attended, their career, their marital status, and what’s going on in their lives.

All this information about the children of Omotala Jalade you will find below:

1. Princess Ekeinde

Princess Ekeinde is the first child of Omotola Jalade and the first daughter of the family. The oldest daughter of Omotola, Princess is currently 27 years old. Omotola Jalade gave birth to her first daughter Princess on 30 March 1997 a year after her marriage.

Princess was the little bride in 2001 when her parents had a white wedding on board a Dash 7 aircraft. In January 2019, Princess graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus which was celebrated with a new BMW car gift from her father.

Then in March 2022, she graduated with a master’s degree in International Tourism Management from Middlesex University, Dubai where she did her master’s degree program. The actress observed that it is a thing of joy to see her first child complete her learning program.

Before attending university, Princess tried her hands at modeling. Princess was known to model for brands but has opted to follow her heart’s desire ever since she found her passion in cooking.

Her love for cooking has made her appear on a few popular Nigerian cooking shows, where she worked with famous chefs. And She dreams of becoming a famous chef. She does not plan to stop there and would like to release her cooking show where she can enjoy her beloved occupation and share her favorite recipes with the viewers.

2. Mathew Junior Ekeinde (MJ)

Mathew Junior Ekeinde popularly known as MJ or Captain E is Omotola’s first son and the second child of the family. Matthew Junior is named after his father, Captain Matthew Ekeinde. He is popularly called Matthew Jr or M.J. by friends and family.

Matthew Ekeinde Jr. was born on August 20, 1998, and he is currently 25 years old. This means he is a year younger than Princess Ekeinde.

MJ graduated with a bachelor’s Degree In communication and media studies from Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus, the Same school where her big sister, Princess studied. Omotola Jalade was so excited as she shared some video clips with her son to honor him as he graduates from the university.

However, MJ Ekeinde is a music producer, sound engineer, and songwriter who has already won some international competitions and worked with famous Nigerian stars.

He occupied 3rd place in an international music conference showcase competition in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He started music production when he was 14 and before the age of 19, He has worked with more artists and made some new friends in the industry such as MasterKraft and Del B who came to his 17th birthday party.

3. Meraiah Ekeinde

Meraiah Ekeinde is the third child of Omotola Jalade and the second daughter of the family. She was born on 7 February in the year 2000 and she is currently 24 years old.

However, the ambitious Meraiah Ekeinde is determined to prove to everyone that she is not less talented and beautiful than her famous mother. Meraiah Ekeinde graduated at the age of 19 with two degrees. She has a degree in Associate of Art in Merchandise Product Development and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Meraiah Ekeinde used to study at Chrisland College in Lagos, Nigeria and she was a head student there. Afterward, she got her education in the United States of America.

Meraiah Ekeinde is very passionate about being a fashion model and fashion designer. Omotola often refers to her as the fashionista of the house, because Meraiah’s primary interest is fashion. Right now, Meraiah is studying at a Fashion Institute in California.

She is a student of one of the most prestigious institutions in Los Angeles, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Her parents saw a fashion-loving sparkle in her and decided it would be best to develop her talent.

Meraiah Ekeinde has an Instagram page, where she shares lots of her photos. Many fans noticed that she has her style, and some outlets even referred to her as the teenage fashion icon of Nigeria. A lot of young adults who follow her on Instagram admire Meraiah Ekeinde’s fashion style and want to be like her.

Meraiah and her mother, Omotoal were made brand ambassadors for Knorr in 2015, this made many recognize how she looks like her mother.

Just like Omotola, Meraiah Ekeinde is a very ambitious girl and does not want to stop at what she has already achieved. She is goal-oriented, and you can say that she inherited this attitude from her determined and hardworking mother Omotola.

Meraiah Ekeinde defines herself as a future model and designer and hopes these dreams of hers will come true. Sometimes, Meraiah would pose for pictures with her mother. The young girl looks a lot like Omotola.

4. Micheal Ekeinde

Micheal Ekeinde is the second son of Omotola Jalade and the last child of the family. He was born on the 19 of April 2002.

In 2018, Micheal Ekeinde graduated from High School in the USA. This brought a lot of joy to the mother Omotola and more joy as the young man left for University earlier in 2019.

Micheal who is currently 22 years old gained admission into the University at the same time his mother Omotola turned 40, sometime in January 2019. The screen goddess was especially glad that her last kid was leaving for university at the exact time she turned 40.

We have no idea what course Micheal Ekeinde is studying at the university, but if we are to guess, we would say maybe theatre art or filmmaking. This is because he seems to be the only member of the family who is most interested in following his mother’s career path as he intends to become a filmmaker and movie director.

In an interview with Toluwani Eniola, Micheal Ekeinde revealed how he became passionate about the movie business. According to him, he said as a kid, he usually accompanied his mother to movie locations and that experience attracted him to film-making and the movie business in general.

With the way Micheal Ekeinde is moving with his career, we believe he will be the one to add Omotola Jalade to the list of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.


The above article is the complete list of the children of Omotola Jalade, their age, the name of the school they attended or attended, their career, their marital status, and what’s going on in their lives.

As we can see, the children of Omotola Jalade all have various talents in cooking, music, fashion, and filming. In the future, all of Omotola Jalade’s children have the potential to become as popular as their mother.

Hopefully, their famous mother will pass down her enormous experience to them.


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