Dera Osadebe Biography – Age, Parents, Networth, Siblings, State Of Origin

Dera Osadebe Biography
Dera Osadebe Biography

Dera Osadebe biography is a story of how this child star rose from nothing to a movie star.

Heavenly Dera Osadebe is a Nollywood child actress, model, and brand influencer who is still combining school and acting.

She is popularly known for her role as Daniella in the movie titled “Two Peas” which was produced in 2022. Since then, Dera Osadebe has gone on to act in movies such as Bee (2023) and Little Miss Olivia (2022).

Below you will find the full Heavenly Dera Osadebe biography. Her life history, childhood story, family background, real parents, biological father, biological mother, age, birthday, date of birth, siblings, brother, and education.

Dera Osadebe age & childhood

Dera Osadebe was born on 16 September 2015 in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. This means she is currently 8 years old.

Dera Osadebe’s state of origin is Delta State, in the South Southern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. She is Delta Igbo by tribe and she is from Anioma, a sub-Igbo community located in the Delta North Senatorial District.

Dera Osadebe is still in primary school in Abuja. The name of her school is Alderwood International School. The child star is very active in her class and school activities and also combines education with her career in Nollywood.

She participated in her school debates and cultural activities.

Dera Osadebe is a good ambassador for her school and promotes her school in a good light. She even represented her school at Oby Ezekwesili’s 60th birthday event.

Dera Osadebe siblings

Dera Osadebe siblings
Dera Osadebe siblings

Dera Osadebe is not the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Osadebe, Dera Osadebe has another sibling. As of now, Dera only has a younger sibling brother whose name is Denzel Obielumani Osadebe.

Denzel is a cute child model and also a Nollywood actor who is managed by his mother, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe alongside Dera Osadebe.

Dera Osadebe’s only sibling and brother, Denzel Osadebe was born on the 18th of June 2020. This means that Denzel is currently 3 years old.

However, Dera Osadebe is almost 5 years older than her younger brother, Denzel Osadebe.

Dera Osadebe parents

Dera Osadebe was born into a Christian home to her biological parents. Dera Osadebe’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Osadebe of the Anioma community, Delta State.

The name of Dera Osadebe’s mother is Queen Nnebisi Osadebe, while the name of Dera Osadebe’s biological father is Mr. Osadebe. Not much information is known about her biological father because he is not the time that keeps up with her social media profile.

However, Dera Osadebe’s father, Mr. Osadebe is a tall, handsome young man. He is also an actor who was born on the 12th of September, but his age isn’t specified. Dera Osadebe’s biological father acted as a doctor in the movie titled “Time to Heal”.

Dera Osadebe’s mother Queen Nnebisi Osadebe whose formal name is Nnebisi Mba is an Abuja’s Abuja-based talent Manager.

She manages her daughter, Heavenly Dera Osadebe, and her son, Denzel Obielumani Osadebe. Nnebisi is also the handler of the Instagram pages of her two celebrity children.

Their family originated from Delta State but currently lives in Abuja, Nigeria.

Dera Osadebe’s acting career

Dera Osadebe is one of the most famous Nollywood child actors of recent times. Her journey to acting began in her school and local church when she would act in children’s dramas and plays.

Her parents and teachers noticed that she was very talented in acting, and encouraged her. However, in 2021, Dera Osadebe started her acting career when she joined the Nollywood movie industry.

A year after, Dera Osadebe rose to fame when she acted as Daniella in the 2022 movie titled “Two Peas“. This kickstarted her acting career, making her one of the favorite child actors among movie lovers and movie producers.

Since then Dera Osadebe has been acting in several Nollywood movies while combining schooling, modeling, acting, and brand influencing at the same time.

Due to her exceptional acting prowess, she has acted with several big Nollywood actors and actresses such as Nadia Buari, Ebube Nwagbo, Maurice Sam, Ray Emodi, Majid Michel, Luchy Donald, etc.

The year 2023 was the year Dera Osadebe acted in the most number of movies since her breakthrough. She acted in more than six Nollywood movies, which is more than the movies she has acted in the previous years.

Dera Osadebe is from a family of 4, which is made up of her parents and their two children – a daughter and a son. Dera is the first child of her parent’s two children.

Dera Osadebe net worth

Dera Osadebe is one of the most sought-after child actresses in the Nigerian movie industry of recent times, making her one of the highest-earning child actresses with over six movies only in 2023.

The talented actress charges around N300,000 million and above to appear in a movie role and also paid around N5 million or more to appear in a television series or cinema movie.

Aside from her roles in movies, Dera Osadebe is also a brand influencer. She is a brand ambassador for six companies already and more are still coming.

Her brand-influencing jobs are predominantly for children’s brands. Dera Osadebe is the brand ambassador of Dandys App, Annie Kiddies wholesale, Home-of-Reality, Ashake Party Pack Supplier, Stroop Pops, Love Kids, and many more.

Dera Osadebe was also part of the Boz Jewelry commercial advert. She is also a brand ambassador for her school, Alderwood International School in Wuse 2 Abuja.

Dera Osadebe is estimated of a net worth of around $100,000 and it increases as time passes. Her major sources of income include her acting career, modeling career, and brand endorsements.

Dera Osadebe Osade’s expensive houses and cars are not known, because she is still a child. However, she currently lives with her parents in their Abuja home.

Dera Osadebe movies

  • Believe
  • Estranged
  • Fresh Flower
  • Mystic Child
  • In Her Shoes
  • Daddy’s Duty
  • Time To Heal
  • Twisted Truth
  • In My Defense
  • Foreign Madam
  • The True Bosses
  • Little Miss Olivia
  • Just Like Rainbow
  • Marriage Disappointment


Above is Heavenly Dera Osadebe biography, and we hope it helps you know more about your favorite child celebrity.

Heavenly Dera Osadebe is one of the most successful fast-rising child actresses in recent times.

Whenever she wears makeup, especially for a movie role or during her birthday,  some argue that she is too young for makeup, while many see nothing wrong in the little girl wearing makeup.

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