7 Children Of 2Face Idibia: Their Age, Marital Status, Biography, and Achievements

Children Of 2Face Idibia
2baba children

If you want to know about the children Of 2Face Idibia, this article will tell you everything about them, including 2Face children’s age,  marital status, biography, and achievements.

2Face Idibia popularly known as 2baba is the only Nigerian celebrity whose 7 children look exactly like him, from his sons to his daughters they all resemble him.

This guy has dated many women but out of them, it’s only three women that gave birth to all his children. Out of the three women, he chose to get married to only one of them, Annie Idibia.

In this article, you are going to learn more about  2Face Idibia children, their age,  education, marital status, biography, and achievements.

How 2Face got three women pregnant

Actually, 2face love life started with Annie. They started dating officially by the time they shot the “African Queen” music video in 2004. Baba didn’t even wait till his girl clocked 18, and he rushed to use her for the romantic music video. And after the video, that was when 2Face announced publicly that they were together during an interview.

But their relationship was so on and off. So few years later, they had their first breakup, came back, and broke up again. During that time He was getting all the attention and money from his hit song “African Queen,” he was no longer the one chasing women as he did with Annie, there were too many women chasing him and he was like “ I wish I can fuck every girl in the world”

After the breakup, 2Baba started dating Sumbo Ajala. Before you could know it, he fell in love with her and before you know it he got her pregnant. As a matter of fact, 2baba started his baby-making journey with Sumbo. In a tell-all interview Sumbo granted in 2016, she said she got pregnant for 2face at the age of 24 and had their first baby, Nino Idibia on January 15, 2006.

While 2face was still dating Sumbo, Pero Adeniyi got into 2face’s life and fell in love with the singer after she returned to Nigeria from the US. She eventually got pregnant for him with their first child and the 2nd child of the singer, Ehi Idibia who was born on April 27, 2006. 

I think there were no condoms during that time, because how on earth would you be cheating on your main babe without protection?

However, when Sumbo learned about the cheating and the pregnancy, she broke up with 2Face but the breakup was short-lived as she returned back to him. Then 2Face mum talked her into living with him so he wouldn’t have more women and babies. Hmm, even 2face mother knew the kind of son she gave birth to.

So 2Face and Sumbo lived together as live-in-lovers for three years and were actually planning on getting married and that was how the second pregnancy happened. Sumbo gave birth to their second child Zion on April 29, 2008, and he happens to be 2face 3rd child.

Even after his mum asked the two lovers to live in the same house to avoid infidelity, 2Face was secretly seeing other women. At the same time, he was seeing Pero and his ex-lover, Annie.

So after the birth of Zion in 2008, Sumbo and 2Face parted ways when it became public knowledge that there were other women in 2Face’s life and two were even carrying his baby. In fact, 2008 was a baby delivery year for 2baba as he had two more babies that year.

Once Again, Pero Adeniyi got pregnant for her second child with 2face the same year Sumbo got pregnant the second time for 2baba. Pero later gave birth to the singer’s fourth child Justin Idibia on May 7, 2008.

Another is Annie who got pregnant even before Sumbo gave birth to Zion. She gave birth to her first child with 2Face, Isabella Idibia on December 10, 2008. This was the same year that 2baba was crowned father of all nations because he created the record of having three babies in one year among Nigerian celebrities and I don’t think anyone has ever broken that record to date.

Well, as heartbroken as Sumbo was and she could not take it anymore, remember she managed to swallow the first one and he cheated again, impregnating two more women at the same time. So these led Submbo to dump 2face over Infidelity accusations. After Sumbo and 2Face finally broke up in 2009, Annie and Pero were left competing to win 2Face love.

At first, 2Face dated Pero before something led to the other and they broke up.

Throughout the beginning of 2010, 2Face was single, so that created an avenue for him to reunite with Annie and immediately, they publicly started dating seriously.

A year after, despite reports that 2face had rekindled his affair with Annie and was ready to go down the aisle with her, Pero became pregnant for the third time for 2face in 2011. Omo this Pero day para oo.. Well, as you know women na, this caused a fight between Pero and Annie, with Pero believing Annie ‘snatched away’ her man, while Annie Idibia affirmed that she had always been his girl all along.

However, this didn’t stop 2Face and Annie’s wedding as 2Face proposed to Annie on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2012, and she said yes. Then on April 8, 2012, Pero welcomed her third child with 2face. The name of the child is Innocent Idibia and he is named after 2Face Idibia. At this point, we thought maybe 2face would marry two women on the same day

But on the 2nd May 2012, 2Baba and Annie got married in Lagos and held a big wedding ceremony in Dubai on March 23, 2013. A year after their wedding, Annie gave birth to Olivia Idibia on January 3rd, 2014 and she is 2face’s 7th child. This is how the 7 children of 2face Idibia were born.

Children Of 2Face Idibia

There are  7 children of 2face Idibia. Today, 2face Idibia’s children are all grown, but one thing that is unknown to a lot of his fans is the biography of his children.

His fans want to know more about The children of 2face Idibia, their ages, the name of the school they attend or attended, their career, their marital status, and what’s going on in their lives. Well, this is the main reason for this video so let’s get into it.

1. Nino Idibia

Nino Idibia who is currently 18 years old was born on 15 January 2006. He is the first son and first child of his father 2face Idibia and his mother Sumbo Ajala.

Nino Idibia’s stepfather is pastor David Olatunde Adeoye who married his mother, Sunmbo Ajaba in 2013. Nino Idibia’s stepdad, Pastor Adeoye is the General Overseer of the Royal Christian Centre.

Like his father, Nino is musically inclined; He plays the musical instrument. Nino was the opening act at his mother, Inspiring Change 2016 conference which was held in Lagos in 2016 and Nino played the saxophone so well at the event.

Aside from playing the musical instrument, he’s also a champion on the chess board. He participated in the 8 Edition of the Peda Chess All Primary School Chess Championship held between October 18th and 19th, 2016.

These are all his aspirants while he was young, but now that he is 16 what exactly is Nino into? Well, Nino Idibia wants to be a footballer. He has been in a lot of football competitions as a kid and also carried the zeal to adulthood. Right now, he is in London studying and also nurturing his football career.

2. Ehi Idibia

Ehi Idibia who was born on April 27, 2006, is currently 18 years old. She is the first daughter of 2Face Idibia and the 2nd child of the singer.

Ehi is also the first child of her mother Pero Adeniyi, who is 2baba’s second baby mama. Ehi Idibiba was born and brought up in the United States where she lived with her mother and her other siblings.

Right now, we don’t know what Ehi is aspiring to be but the first daughter of the 2Facee Idibia is currently schooling in London, United Kingdom.

3. Zion Idibia

 Zion Idibia who was born on April 29, 2008, is currently 16 years old. He is the 2nd son of 2baba and also the second son of his mother Sumbo Ajala.

Just like his elder brother, Zion is also musically inclined as a rapper. He’s popularly known as King Z.

Zion Idibia was elected as a music professor in his school, Chrisland College, Lagos. He graduated in July 2019 where he was pictured playing the Saxophone like his brother.

4. Justin Idibia

Justin Idibia, who was born on May 7, 2008, is currently 16 years old. He is the fourth child of 2Face Idibia and the 2nd child of his mother Pero Adeniyi.

Justin was born and brought up in the United States where he bagged the Black Student Achievement Award for academic succession over his academic brilliance in 2018 from Howard County, United States.

Justin Idibia who is also in the UK studying is into music and wants to be a rapper one day. In a recent picture, he posted on Instagram with his school friends, his Dad 2baba commented asking him if the friends are his new artist.

5. Isabel Idibia

Isabel is 2baba’s 2nd daughter and the first to her mother, Annie Idibia who is also 2baba’s wife. Isabella is currently 15 years old and was born on December 10, 2008.

In year five in school Isabel was awarded with the best dictation and spelling student, best support student, star speaker of the year two gold medals in swimming, and two bronze medals in swimming representing her school.

However, that was when she was young. Now that she is a teenager, Isabella has already become a Nollywood actress. She featured in the family drama titled Mr. X, which aired on Africa Magic, among other movies.

Acting aside, Isabel Idibia also has a deep passion for modeling. Even though she has not participated in any beauty pageant, she has modeled for her mother’s beauty salon and fashion store. Just like her other siblings, Isabella is also in the UK studying.

6. Innocent Idibia

Innocent, named after 2face Idibia is the sixth child of 2baba and the third child of Pero Adeniyi. He was born on April 8, 2012, and he is currently 12 years old.

While his other siblings are in the UK studying, Innocent lives with his mother who shuttles between the US, Nigeria, and The UK.

Innocent Idibia is the last male child of his father, 2Face Idibia, and the last child of his mother, Pero Adeniyi.

7. Olivia Idibia

 Olivia is the last child of 2baba for now and also the last of her mother Annie Idibia. She was born a year after 2baba and Annie’s wedding on January 3rd, 2014 and she is currently 10 years old.

Olivia Idibia is a growing child actress. She was recently featured in Netflix’s Reality Series, Young, Famous, and African along with her parents and other African icons.

Olivia Idibia currently lives with her parents in Nigeria while her elder sister is in the UK studying.


One noticeable thing is that 2Face’s children are all in the UK studying, except the last two younger ones. Even the ones living in the US are also in the UK studying too.

What is your opinion about this and 2baba’s children in general, drop them in the comments.


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