Enock Darko (Watabombshell) Biography – Age, Wife, Networth & More

Enock Darko (Watabombshell) Biography
Enock Darko (Watabombshell) Biography

If you are looking for Enock Darko (Watabombshell) Biography, this article will help you know more about this actor.

Enock Darko popularly known as Watabomshell is a Ghanaian Nollywood actor who has been a fan favorite of watchers of Nollywood for quite some time.

Many people don’t know how he rose to such popularity, how old is enock darko and everything about his background.

In this article, we are going to look into the full biography of Enoch Darkor, his age, wife, net worth, and other important information about Watabombshell Biography.

Enock Darko age and childhood

Enock Darko also known as “Mr. Tutu” popularly known as Watabomshell was born on the 31st of December in his hometown in Ghana, to a Nigerian mother and a Ghanaian father.

Although his accurate age is unknown, fans estimate him to be in his mid 20’s or late 20’s through his appearances. Watabomshell had both his primary and secondary education in Ghana.

For his tertiary education, it is said that he attended one of the most prestigious universities in Ghana. It was there he discovered he had the talent of being extremely funny.

Is Enock Darko and Jackie Appiah siblings?

Oftentimes, because search between Enoch Darko and Jackie Appiah who is the eldest.

This is because they thought they were siblings due to the resemblance between actor Jackie Appiah and Watabomshel and also for the fact that he addresses her as a big sister and they are both from Ghana.

This has made fans believe that Jackie Appiah and Watabomshell are blood brothers and sisters.

This is not true, they are not related by blood, the only reason they address each other as brothers and sisters is because they are both from Ghana but that does not mean they are related by blood. This means that they are actually sisters but of different parents.

Enock Darko acting career

Enock Darko began acting in school functions and event centers, this was where he discovered that this was exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Enock Darko came into full prominence when he emerged as the second runner-up of the 2011 season two TV3 talent kids show held in Ghana in 2011. He knew his talent needed to reach an even bigger screen. So he finished up in uni and got his degree,  then relocated to Nigeria to start acting in Nollywood.

When Watabomshell came to Nigeria, he started playing minor characters in movies until movie producers and directors started noticing his talent.

Before a short period of time, Watabomshell quickly exploded in Nollywood and became one of the trending actors, he has starred in a lot of Nollywood movies, and it was from there he picked the nicked name Watabombshell which means an unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one.

In these movies, he has been featured with top Nollywood celebrities like Osita Iheme Pawpaw, Kanayo O Kanayo in the movie, Pete Edochie, and many others.

In total he has starred in over 50 Nollywood movies, since he moved to Nigeria,  most of his movies are readily available on YouTube for easy access.

Why Enock Dacko left Ghana for Nollywood

In more recent interviews Watabomshell has been seen sharing his honest thoughts about Ghanywood which is Ghana’s filmmaking industry, and Nollywood. 

In an interview he revealed that the real reason he left Ghana for Nigeria was that the Ghanas filmmaking industry wasn’t vibrant, stating that in Ghana no one was seeing his talent, and the industry over their mostly focused on telenovelas, and the producers and directors weren’t exactly as straight as an arrow.

He also stated that most movie makers in Ghana focused on one style of film, strictly because it was more profitable and scalable, but it came at the expense of boring the audience.

He also advised that Ghanaian producers should stop picking young inexperienced actors for roles, and instead go for well-cultured actors.  These were some of his recent plights in interviews. But at the end he stated that he was happy with his ever-growing fame in Nigeria, stating that he is praying that God sustains it.

I mean you can’t blame given the fact that the only information they have to work with is that he’s birthday is on the 31st of December.

Enock Darko wife

Is Enock Darko married? If yes, who is Enock Darko wife? Well, Enock Darko has not been linked to a lot of women.

Recently, it was rumored that Enock Darko popularly known as Watabomshell dated, proposed, and then got married to Nollywood actress Chinenye Nnebe in a glamourous wedding ceremony.

The rumor started with the lovely couple’s goal pictures that Enock Darko shared on his social media pages. You could see the lovely captions that Watabomshell used whenever he posted their pictures.

Before you know it, a wedding picture of Chinenye Nnebe and Wattabomshell went viral and then it started trending that they are married.

However, it was easier for fans to believe that the two actors truly got married because Chinenye Nnebe studied in Ghana for her Tertiary Education, so fans thought maybe she met Enock Darko there and they started dating.

However, it was later discovered that the wedding pictures of Chinenye Nnebe and Wattabomshell that went viral were taken on a set of a movie they both starred together. As a matter of fact, the two actors have acted as lovers in more than five movies together.

Enock Darko Networth

Enock Darko is one of the most sought-after Nollywood actors who is dominating the Asaba movie industry, thus, that comes with a huge pay, making him one of the highest-earning male Nollywood actors from Ghana.

As for his salary per film role, there have been many speculations on exactly how much Enock Darko earns, but as a high-quality entertainer, he is estimated to charge around N500,000 to N1.5 million per movie role.

Apart from acting, Enock gets his money through other means such as his digital marketing agency, brand endorsements, and ad revenue from his YouTube and Facebook videos.

It is also rumored that he has several other businesses that run in the background, but the details are not that well-known to the public.

In total, Enock Darko is estimated of a net worth of around $400,000 and it increases as time passes. His major source of income includes his career as an actor, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur.

As for his houses and cars, the exact numbers haven’t been disclosed because of how private Watabomshell keeps his expensive lifestyle.

Enock Darko Awards

Enoch Darko is a well-respected actor amongst his peers, he is known to be super talented and versatile in his acting roles and has earned his spot amongst the top Nollywood actors of recent times.

His performances have earned him some well-deserved awards. The Ghanaian actor now working very hard in Nollywood, was honored at the Ghana Film Summit in 2019, for his amazing contribution to the Ghana Film Industry which was organized by the Film Directors Guild of Ghana.

He was honored by Nollywood Eufi Movie Production House, in Nigeria.

Enock Darko was honored by the Nollywood Eufi Movie Production House, in Nigeria. He was also honored by Nollywood Eufi Movie Production House, in Nigeria.

In a post by Enock Darko monitored by Africapush.com, he was astonished after winning Outstanding Performance of the Year in 2020, by the Eufi Production House, in their annual movie Awards to the hardworking actors and actresses in the year of review.

Enock Dacko controversies

Although he has achieved a lot in Nollywood, Watabomshell has also been involved in some suspicious controversies online.

For instance, there was a time it circulated on the internet that Watabomshell was part of the LGBTQ community because of his display of cross-dressing in several Nollywood movies but he came out strongly to deny the allegations, saying his dressing as a woman on stage was purely to fit into acting and not having any sexual like or preference for his fellow men.

Also in 2021, he sided with Nigeria,  in a Nigeria vs. Ghana social media banter started by Shatta Wale.

Another controversy Watabomshell was involved in was that of a dangerous one. In August of 2022, he was alleged to have been poisoned on set. Watabomshell in a report by adomnews.com said an actor suspended his role to demand higher wages in a movie they were shooting but naively as he was, he quickly accepted the same role for an even lower rate.

The incident took place in Ghana when Enock Darko was shooting scenes for the series titled ‘high school’. Watabomshell said he fell ill on set and had to be rushed back home, he said he suffered severe pains and could not return to the set for the subsequent shoots.

Confirming how he knew it was a food poisoning incident, he responded that his guardian who rushed him to the hospital confirmed his claims.


Above is Enock Darko (Watabombshell) Biography and we hope it helps you know more about your favourite actor.

Even though Watabomshell is taken as a joke because of his comic movie roles and social media posts, the actor’s career is still on a very steady track.

Just like Nollywood, he is very active on social media platforms as well. For instance, his Twitter page where he boasts nearly 5000 followers. And on his Instagram page, he has about 230,000 followers.

He mostly posts behind-the-scenes clips and short comedy skits on these pages, and most of them go super viral, for example, one of his skits where he cried while eating a delicacy. This particular clip was reposted by social media influencer Tunde Ednut, further pushing the popularity of Watabomshell.


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