Clinton Joshua Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State Of Origin & Networth

Clinton Joshua biography
Clinton Joshua biography

Clinton Joshua Ezewele is a fast-rising Nollywood actor and model who is popularly known for starring in a lot of Nigerian movies in recent years, most especially, YouTube movies.

Aside from his acting talent, the young actor is also known for being handsome, tall, and charming. These attributes have made a lot of young ladies drown in his acting performances, thereby taking the Nollywood industry by storm.

So, in this Clinton Joshua biography, you will know about Clinton Joshua’s age, girlfriend, state of origin, parents, career, and net worth.

1. Clinton Joshua age and childhood

Clinton Joshua Ezewele popularly known as Clinton Joshua was born on the 6th of June 1998 in Edo State, Nigeria. This means he is currently 25 years old.

Clinton Joshua state of origin is Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria. He is Esan by tribe, a sub-ethnic group of the Edo people in Edo state, Nigeria.

Clinton Joshua confirmed on his TikTok live that he grew up in Edo State in a humble family background.

This was where he completed his primary and secondary school education before eventually pursuing a degree in one of the reputable universities in Nigeria.

After completing his university studies, Clinton Joshua left his family in Edo State where he grew up, and moved to Lagos State, Nigeria for a greener pasture.

2. Clinton Joshua parents

Clinton Joshua is the son of Mr and Mr Ezewele from Edo State. However, he is a very private person when it comes to his family and private life.

Therefore not much is known about his parents at the time of writing this Clinton Joshua biography.

Whenever we receive any information about his parents, we will update this section

3. Clinton Joshua siblings

Just like his parents, nothing is also currently known about Clinton Joshua’s sibling at the time of writing this article.

Once we get any information about his family and siblings, we will update this section with the number of siblings Clinton Joshua has.

4. Clinton Joshua career

Clinton Joshua began his career as a model in Edo State, taking part in fashion photo shoots and some local modeling competitions.

While in school, Clinton Joshua performed for his school in drama and modeling competitions, making him grow an interest in the entertainment industry.

As he started growing up into a young adult, Clinton Joshua began receiving compliments from strangers who said he looked like a model, just because of his height and the way he walked.

This made him fall in love with the modeling profession.

However, Clinton Joshua knew that if he wanted to become big in modeling, he would have to take his talent to the big stage. So Clinton moved to Lagos State, Nigeria, and began attending modeling auditions.

He faced so many rejections and challenges during the beginning stage of his modeling career, but he kept pushing.

He was steadily evolving until he landed a job in 2022 to walk the runway for Romeo Hunte at the reputable GTCO Fashion Weekend organized by Guaranty Trust Bank.

This particular fashion show changed his life and he began getting more jobs as a fashion model and brand influencer.

He went on to walk the runway for Fruche Nigeria at the VVS Lagos fashion show, and later the Gtbank fashion week in November 2023.

Along the line, Clinton Joshua was pitched to be a part of a movie production because of his looks and body physique which matches very well with that of the character.

At first, he thought it was not in his line of profession to act, but he later accepted the movie role. That was how he began his acting career.

He gained his Nollywood breakthrough in 2023 when he acted in the movie titled “When Angel Meet”, a movie that was produced by the popular Nollywood producer, Uchenna Mabonabo.

The movie which was published on the Uchenna Mabonabo TV YouTube channel currently has over 4 million views in just two months

Clinton Joshuae impressed the audience and the critics with his natural talent and charisma. He became one of the most sought-after actors and is currently the talk of the town as fans applaud his acting skills and handsome looks.

With his handsome looks, deep passion, and versatile and captivating acting performances, Clinton Joshua has taken the Nollywood industry by storm.

5. Clinton Joshua net worth

Clinton Joshua is currently one of the most sought-after male models in the Nigerian fashion industry, making him one of the highest-earning young models with over 5 gigs.

When it comes to acting, the talented young man charges around N500,000 and above to appear in a movie role and also charges around N2 million or more to appear in a fashion show.

Aside from his roles in movies and his fashion gigs on the runway, Clinton Joshua is also a brand influencer and a fashion influencer.

He is a brand ambassador for more than five fashion companies already and more are still coming.

His brand-influencing jobs are predominantly for young adults who are inspired by his clean skin tone, good physique, tall height, and fashion sense.

Clinton Joshua is estimated of a net worth of around $50,000 and it increases as time passes.

He currently has three sources of income which include his acting career, modeling career, and brand endorsements.

Not all of Clinton Joshua’s expensive lifestyle is known to the public, however, he currently has a luxurious apartment in Lagos, Nigeria, where he lives. He also drives expensive cars.

6. Clinton Joshua girlfriend

When it comes to Clinton Joshua’s relationship, personal life, and marriage, the handsome actor and model is currently single and not married.

He has not revealed any information about his girlfriend to the public.

However, Clinton Joshua has made it known to his fans that he is open to love and marriage and is looking forward to finding his soulmate soon.

The handsome star also said that even if he finds love, he prefers to keep it private and away from the media.

Clinton Joshua has also one time revealed on his official Twitter handle that so many women are trying to sleep with him, which is making it difficult for him to find love.

In his words, he wrote, “Oh Lord, protect me from these ladies that want to sleep with me.”

7. Clinton Joshua movies and awards

Clinton Joshua has worked alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses including Enoch Dako, Somadina Adinma, Precious Akaeze, Emeka Eze, and Mamachi Godson.

Clinton Joshua has starred in a lot of movies which include Perfect for Me, The Young Couple, Ken & Kate, Forever Loving You, Treasure in the Sky, Through His Eyes, Twist of Love, My Virgin Son, When Angels Meet, For her eyes, Wings of love, It was meant to be, You’re mine, and many more.

With his talent and the way he interprets roles, Clinton Joshua has proven to movie lovers that he has what it takes to become one of the most celebrated Nollywood actors in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

8. Conclusion

The above article is Clinton Joshua biography and we hope it helps you know who the actor and model is, including his age, girlfriend, state of origin, wife, parents, career, and net worth.

As a talented and handsome actor, Clinton Joshua has left an indelible mark on the Nollywood landscape. His dedication, passion, and ability to connect with his audience have solidified his place as a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry.

In addition to his appealing physique attributes, Clinton Joshua is also dedicated to maintaining his overall well-being. He prioritizes his fitness and regularly engages in workouts at the gym which contributes to his fit, six-packs, and toned physique.

He continues to inspire and empower emerging actors and actresses to follow their dreams and make their mark in the world of entertainment.

Clinton Joshua is also a philanthropist who has contributed to various philanthropic activities, especially in education, health, and empowerment of the youth.

Clinton Joshua’s journey is a testament to the power of talent, determination, and a genuine love for the act of acting and we hope this Clinton Joshua biography inspires you to be great in your chosen career.

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