Queen Nnebisi Osadebe Biography – Age, Husband, Children and Networth

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe biography
Queen Nnebisi Osadebe biography

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe biography will reveal a lot you don’t know about this public figure.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry who is famously known for managing Nollywood actress, Dera Osadebe and her younger brother, Denzel Osadebe.

As a matter of fact, Queen Nnebisi has managed a lot of talents over the past few years and keeps counting. She is based in Abuja and is currently dominating the city when it comes to talent management.

Below is Queen Nnebisi Osadebe’s biography. You will learn about Queen Nnebisi Osadebe’s age, husband, children, State of origin, net worth, and other important information you need to know about her.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe age and childhood

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe was born in Onitsha into the family of Mba in Onitsha, Anambra State. She was born on January 31, but her year of birth is not disclosed. However, she celebrates her birthday every 31 January.

Queen Nnebisi was born into a family of four, her father Mr. Mba, her mother, Mrs. Gelis Mba and her brother, Mba Reginald Chukwuma. However, her mother died on 31 August 2017.

Queen Nnebisis Osadebe is the first child and the only daughter of her parents, the Mba family. She has only one sibling, a brother whose name is Mba Reginald Chukwuma.

Her brother, Mba Reginald Chukwuma is a Public speaker, Chess player, and a very industrious man who also lives in Abuja, Nigeria. He was born on 25 September but the year is not specified.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe grew up in Abuja with her family, where she attended both her primary and secondary school education before proceeding to a tertiary institution. However, the name of the schools she attended is unknown.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe husband

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe was born with the name Queen Nnebisi Mba until she got married to her husband Mr. Osadebe and then changed her name from Nnebisi Mba to Nnebisi Osadebe. She now bears the name Queen Nnebisi Osadebe.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe and her husband Mr. Osadebe got married in December 2014, but the date they got married is not specified, however, they have celebrated a lot of memorable moments together.

Her husband, Mr Osdebe is from the Anioma community, Delta State. The people of the Anioma community are one of the Igbo subgroups in present-day Delta State, regarded as Delta Igbos. This means that Queen Nnebisi is an Igbo lady from Anambra State, married to an Igbo man from Delta State.

Not much information is known about Queen Nnebisi’s husband Mr. Osadebe, because he is not the time that keeps up with his social media profile.

However, Mr. Osadebe is a tall, handsome young man. He is a Nollywood actor who was born on the 12th of September, but his age isn’t specified. Actually, he acted as a doctor in the movie titled “Time to Heal”.

Queen nnebisi Osadebe children

Mr. Osadebe and Queen Nnebisi Osadebe’s union is blessed with two lovely children a daughter, Heavenly Dera Osadebe, and a son, Obielumani Denzel Osadebe aka Lumani Denzel.

Dera Osadebe is a famous Nollywood actress who was born on 16 September 2015, this means that Dera Osadebe age was 8 years old at the time of writing this article. She recently celebrated her 8th birthday on September 16, 2023.

Dera Osadebe started her acting career in 2021 when she joined the Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood. However, she rose to prominence when she starred as Daniella in the 2022 movie titled “Two Peas“. This landed her into acting in more movie roles, making her one of the sought-after child actors of recent times.

Queen Nnebisi’s son, Denzel Osadebe is also a Nollywood child actor and fashion model. He was born on the 18th of June 2020 and he is currently 3 years old at the time of writing this article. This means that Dera Osadebe is almost 5 years older than her brother.

Queen nnebisi Osadebe Career

Nnebisi Osadebe Career
Nnebisi Osadebe Career

After graduating from the University, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe immediately joined the Nigerian military to become a soldier. But due to she is the only daughter of the family, and the military job did not give her time to take care of her parents, she had to quit her job as an officer.

After leaving the military, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe then landed some office jobs where she worked for a while before she eventually got married.

When she got married and got pregnant with her first child, Dera Osadebe, she took a break from work to take care of her pregnancy and also give birth. After giving birth to her baby, she extended the break to nurse her newborn baby.

After nursing her first baby, she resumed work and within four years, she got pregnant again for her second child.

However, she also repeated the circle of taking a break from work to take care of her pregnancy and nurse her baby, but along the line, she found a new career, which is talent management.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is currently one of the most popular Abuja-based Talent Managers. She rose to fame after successfully managing her daughter, Dera Osadebe to become a famous Nollywood actor.

She also receives accolades for managing her son, Denzel Osadebe alongside her husband in the movie industry.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is currently the manager of her daughter, Heavenly Dera Osadebe, and her son, Denzel Obielumani Osadebe. She is the handler of the Instagram pages of her two celebrity children and also does all the booking and business calls relating to their careers.

Although Queen Nnebisi Osadebe started her talent-managing career with her children, she intends to expand to manage more talents in the near future.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe net worth

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is one of the most sought-after talent managers in the Abuja entertainment industry, making her one of the highest-earning managers with over two talents in her portfolio.

As a talent manager, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe charges per percentage and is credited for negotiating the brand endorsements of her famous daughter Dera Osadebe, who is the brand ambassador of over six different companies including Dandys App, Annie Kiddies wholesale, Home-of-Reality, Ashake Party Pack Supplier, Stroop Pops, Love Kids, and many more.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is also involved in negotiating her daughter’s movie roles and how much she gets. Nnebisi has gotten a percentage from the over ten movies that her daughter has acted in so far.

Aside from being a talent manager, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe also has some businesses that fetch her money.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is estimated of a net worth of around $40,000 and it increases as time passes. Her major sources of income include her career, as a talent manager and some other business.

Since Dera Osadebe Osade is still young, her mother, Queen Nnebisi Osadebe is also responsible for banking all her earnings. They live together in their Abuja home, and their expensive houses and cars are not known, because they prefer to keep it private.


Above is Queen Nnebisi Osadebe biography and we hope this article helps you to know more about your favorite celebrity talent manager.

Queen Nnebisi Osadebe has shown that she can be able to sacrifice money and happiness for the sake of her children and family in general.

From sacrificing her love as a military officer to take of her parents and then sacrificing her office job to take care of her children and husband, she believes that family is everything.

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