Sonia Uche Biography – Age, Husband, Siblings, Networth, and Movies

Sonia Uche Biography
Sonia Uche Biography

This Sonia Uche biography contains more about the talented Nollywood actress who has taken the industry by storm.

Sonia Uche is a Nigerian-born Nollywood actress. She is beautiful, creative, and highly talented.

Sonia Uche has won the hearts of many of her fans with her brilliant delivery of roles and she is known to feature prominently in most of her mother’s movies doing excellently well.

Below are the biography facts of Sonia Uche including her age, husband, boyfriend, net worth, and other information about the actress.

Sonia Uche age, and childhood

Ihuoma Sonia Uche popularly known as Sonia Uche was born on 25 May her year of birth is not known to the public.

Sonia Uche’s state of origin is Anambra State in the southeastern part of Nigeria, but she grew up with her mother and sisters in Asaba, Delta State.

After completing her primary and secondary school education, Sonia Uche proceeded to Michael Okpara University of Agriculture for her tertiary education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural science.

She started her National Youth Service Corps NYSC in 2017 and passed out in 2018.

Sonia Uche parents

Sonia Uchhe is the first daughter of Nollywood actor and constumier, Uche Nance and also a sister to Chinenye Nnebe and other siblings. Information about her father is not available.

Uche Nancy started her career as a costumier and gradually moved into acting and then the production of movies. She explained in a recent interview that she came into the industry to help female actors, and has daughters who are into acting also.

As a costumier, she worked on Nollywood blockbuster movies titled “World Apart, My In-law, Girls Cot and has won numerous awards for her efforts. Uche Nancy has also successfully produced over 50 movies since she ventured into movie productions.

Actually, Sonia Uche experienced the divorce of her parents, Uche Nancy and Mr. Nnebe. Sonia was just a child when her father and mother got divorced and went their separate ways. This influenced the reason why Sonia Uche is answering different surnames from the rest of her sisters.

After her parent’s divorce, Sonia Uche’s mother went on to give birth to her other three siblings. However, Sonia didn’t change her surname because she had answered her grandfather’s name in primary, and secondary schools, even in the University and other important places.

So, she believed it was a nice move to continue bearing the surname Uche, even when it makes people confused with the rest of her siblings.

Sonia Uche siblings

Sonia Uche’s mother, Uche Nancy gave birth to four girls and has adopted one, actress Obio Oluebube who is very close to Sonia Uche.

This means that Sonia Uche has three biological siblings and one adopted sibling. All of Sonia Uche’s siblings are all girls making her have only sisters and no brother.

Below is the list of Sonia Uche’s siblings:

  • Ijeoma Nnebe who is the CEO of Omaha’s World Boutique
  • Chinanu Nnebe has a Hair Extension store.
  • Chinenye Nnebe who is also a Nollywood actress
  • And Obio Oluebube, her adopted sibling who is an actress

Sonia Uche Career

Sonia started singing and acting in school at a very tender age. But she took acting seriously after she got admission to the University.

Because of her parent’s divorce, Sonia Uche may have had an unpleasant childhood growing up, but this did not affect her passion for acting while as a child.

She got into acting through an audition. Sonia Uche saw the audition notice for aspiring actors between the ages of 18 and 35 on Facebook. At that time, she was at 100 Level at the University and about to take her first semester exams. Luckily for Sonia, the audition was going to be held after her first semester exams.

So, she went to Abuja for the audition and two weeks later, Sonia was invited to play a role in the movie titled “Complicated”. That was her first gig. She played the role of a niece to Uncle Olu Jacob’s wife in the movie. Patience Ozokwor, Yemi Black, Juliet Ibrahim, and other veterans also starred in the movie.

Sonia Uche came to the limelight after she acted in the Nollywood movie titled “Frank’s Wife” alongside Jerry Williams and Chinenye Nebe. Since then, the talented actress has gone on to act in movies with veteran Nollywood actors in the industry.

Aside from acting, Sonia Uche has other businesses. She has a hairline, Sonia Hair Extensions. She sells human hair, closure, frontal, and braided wigs. She also has a small farm where she practices what she studied at the University.

She is a popular Asaba actress who has won the hearts of many of her fans with her capabilities to fit in diverse characters.

Sonia Uche’s net worth

Sonia Uche presently has an estimated net worth of $300,000 making Sonia one of the richest and most influential actresses in Asaba movies and Nollywood movies in general.

Even though Sonia Uche is not the type of actress who flaunts her expensive lifestyle on the internet, we have seen her pictured in a few cars. It is also rumored she has a house of her own in Asaba, Delta State. But this rumor has not been verified.

Sonia Uche’s husband

Is Sonia Uche married? if yes, then who is Sonia Uche’s real husband?

Well, during the beginning of her acting career, rumors had it that she was a single mother like her mom but this information has not been confirmed that it is false.

At that same period, she was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with actor Jerry Williams just because of the kind of pictures they snapped together and the romantic postures they dispelled in those pictures. However, all the photos the media used in those rumors were taken from movies they both did together and acted as couples.

The most recent one is the rumor that Sonia Uche is already married to handsome actor Maurice Sam. This is because of how close the two actors are and the recent romantic pictures of the two that make it online. Not also forgetting their controversial wedding pictures that trending online.

So because of the wedding pictures, people often ask “is Maurice Sam married to Sonia Uche?”

However, the actor, Maurice Sam has come out to deny the rumor, stating that he is only close friends with Sonia Uche and nothing is romantic about their relationship. He stated that those wedding photos were taken behind the scenes of a movie shoot.

In conclusion, Sonia Uche is not yet married; but she is believed to be in a relationship though she does not flaunt her boyfriend in the public and social media.

Sonia Uche Movies

Sonia Uche has been featured in a lot of movies since her breakthrough. This is because she is the daughter of a movie producer which has influenced her to be in many movies from her mom’s production and other producers in the industry.

As a matter of fact, Sonia Uche has acted in over 80 movies since after her breakthrough in the movie “Frank’s Wife.”

She has starred in movies such as

  • My Pains,
  • Pain of Love
  • Betrayed
  • The Chosen One
  • Test of Love,
  • Not Just a Ring
  • Obsession
  • Vanity
  • Pride of the Land
  • Storms in Marriage
  • Akachi
  • Naked Lies War Front, etc.


Above is Sonia Uche’s biography and we hope it helps you to know more about your favorite Nollywood actress.

As for her fanbase, Sonia Uche has experienced celebrity status through her fans who love and cherish her acting talent when it comes to delivering good movie roles.

Sonia Uche is indeed an interesting actress that every Nollywood lover needs to watch out for in the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood.


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