Deacon Famous Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State Of Origin & Networth

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Deacon Famous is a comedian, MC, content creator, actor, and movie producer (source: Instagram/deacon_famous)

This Deacon Famous biography will reveal the story of a young man who struggled from childhood due to the absence of his parents to become one of the most celebrated comedians, MC, actor, content creator, and recently movie producer.

Deacon Famous is iconically known for his numerous social media videos where he dresses and acts like a priest to entertain his audience. His priestly signature look has corned him the name, ‘Bush Father’.

However, the entertainer has expanded his creative journey into filmmaking, acting, MC, and movie production. He is known by his new fans for anchoring the most talked about Nollywood wedding of 2023, Ekene Umenwa’s wedding.

That is not the only thing Deacon Famous is known for because, in this article, we will look into Deacon Famous biography, age, girlfriend, parents, siblings, and, state of origin.

Deacon Famous age and childhood

Awesome Chidiebere Udaya popularly known as Deacon Famous was born on 22nd November 1993 in Asaba, Delta State. This means he is currently 30 years old.

Deacon Famous state of origin is Enugu State, and he is Igbo by tribe. He hails from Nsukka Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Deacon Famous grew up in Delta State where he completed his primary school education, secondary school education, and University education.

Deacon famous did his primary school education at Benita International School, Delta State where he took his first school leaving certificate.

After his primary School education, he then proceeded to St. Patrick’s College Asaba, Delta State for his secondary school education.

It was a boarding school and whenever he came home, he would sell ice cream to help himself financially.

Deacon Famous selling Ice cream
Deacon Famous with his bicycle in the streets of Asaba selling ice cream (Source: image submitted to Ejimozy by Deacon Famous)

He later started a dry cleaning business with his brother. He did this for six years, and when things got rough, they would go to a building site to carry blocks to be paid.

After he graduated from secondary school in 2006, it took him 10 years to pursue his tertiary education because of a lack of interest in school motivated by a lack of money.

But when he grew older, he started to realize the importance of education and by that time he had started making money from his career.

Subsequently, Deacon Famous was admitted into Delta State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history.

Deacon Famous parents

Deacon Famous is the son of the late Mr. Boniface Udaya and the late Mrs. Elizabeth Udaya.

Deacon Famous parents are both from Enugu State. His dad hails from Nsukka in Enugu State, while his mom hails from Udi in Enugu State.

His father, Mr. Boniface Udaya was a police officer who was transferred to different cities in Nigeria as part of his service as a policeman.

It was when he was transferred to the city of Asaba, that his family decided that they wouldn’t be moving to every location where he was transferred to, that was how they settled permanently in Asaba.

His mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Udaya was an MC and a civil servant. She worked at Delta State Primary Education Board (SPEB) which is under the Ministry of Education. However, she wasn’t a teacher.

Deacon Famous mother
A portrait of Deacon Famous’s late mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Udaya (Source: image submitted to Ejimozy by Deacon Famous)

Deacon Famous’s mother was giving birth to another child when she died with her unborn baby. The tragedy got his dad frustrated, he became sick and died some months later.

This made Deacon Famous who was 4 years old at the time grow up from one household to another, all in Delta State.

At first, he lived with his mother’s best friend, Mrs. Okukenye from Agbor, Delta State. She took good care of him and was the reason Deacon Famous understands the Agbor language today.

Shortly after, he met the Late Sir Innocent Nwakamma Okafor who adopted him and he stayed with him in Ogwashi Ukwu, Delta State immediately after his common entrance examination.

Although the Late Sir Innocent was not wealthy, he tried his best not to let Deacon Famous feel the loss of his biological parents.

“When you lose your parents, you have lost them, every other person will try to be like your father or try to be like your mother, but it can never be the same,” says Deacon Famous while sharing his childhood with Ejimozy.

He stayed with Late Sir Innocent Nwakamma Okafor until he became comfortable living by himself.

Deacon Famous siblings

Deacon Famous is the last child in the family of eight children. He has two brothers and five sisters.

Deacon Famous siblings are all currently married with children.

His immediate elder brother Pedro Udaya is the owner of World Class Events, which is an event planning, and decorations service. He is also a pastor in addition to his event planning job.

His sister, Mary is married with three children. She is a businesswoman who is into marketing and also a civil servant.

Deacon Famous’s other siblings are all married and choose to live a private life.

Deacon Famous Career

Deacon Famous’s journey to fame began in primary school when he acted in school dramas and plays. At the age of 6, he had already started acting in school ceremonies, where a Nollywood producer discovered him.

Deacon Famous did a drama at his school graduation ceremony, where he played the character of an old man telling a story. He crammed 12 pages of foolscap sheets of his live performance.

Among the audience of the school graduation was Mr. Osundu Odum, a movie producer. He watched Deacon Famous perform on stage and was surprised at how young Deacon Famous could handle those lines.

He said, “This child is an amazing actor.”

From there, he picked him up and started featuring him as a child actor in several Nollywood movies.

Deacon Famous’s breakthrough role as a child actor came when he was featured in the blockbuster movie titled “God of Liberation” where he acted as the child of a mad woman.

The movie shot him into the limelight and made him a popular face among movie producers and directors.

By the age of 10, Deacon Famous had started doing movies with big names in Nollywood such as Kanayo O Kanayo, Susan Patrick, Alexx Usifo, Zack Orji, Chika Anyanwu, Ebele Okaro, and many others.

At some point, his elder siblings and guardians asked him to stop acting because it was affecting his studies. That was how he stopped his acting career to write his first school leaving certificate.

By the time he entered secondary school and was done with his WAEC, his fame as a child actor was gone and he had to start afresh.

However, after his secondary school education, Deacon Famous didn’t join the movie industry, instead, he started doing stand-up comedy and anchoring events as an MC.

Deacon Famous Ealier show
Deacon Famous’s earlier performances as an event MC in 2009. (Source: image submitted to Ejimozy by Deacon Famous)

His first big event as an MC happened when his friend who was supposed to anchor an event was called for an emergency exam.

He then told Deacon Famous to cover up for him, and he was surprised because he had never covered such an event before.

The friend encouraged him and told him that he believed he could do it. That was how he ventured into MC and stand-up comedy professionally immediately after secondary school.

Subsequently, Deacon Famous began hosting his own events and even went to Ghana by road in 2010 to anchor an event.

The year 2015, was when he came back to Nollywood with a movie titled “Superman” produced by Prestoral Production. The movie was shot in Uyo but was never released in Nigeria or online.

However, the movie premiered in South African cinemas and he went there for the premiere which was the first time people rushed him as a celebrity.

He subsequently acted in “Wives on Strike”, and then the blockbuster movie titled “Royal Skin” a movie that brought him to the limelight which also features Zubby Michael.

All the first four movies he did were aired constantly on African Magic.

After he acted the lead role in the movie “Bush Father,” Deacon Famous then started doing comedy skits which made him popular and a household name in 2019.

This was how he left Nollywood once again to venture fully into skit-making.

However, Deacon Famous is currently back in Nollywood as a movie producer. He now owns his production company known as Big Bird Production where he produces his own movies and acts as well.

The production company is also involved in event coverage.

Under his production company, he has produced movies such as Holy Sisters, Cellmate, Faith beyond Faith, Parish Sin, Wise Students, Urgent Sacrifice, and Stand by Me featuring Sonia Uche.

Deacon Famous girlfriend

Deacon Famous is currently in a relationship with fellow Nollywood actor and content creator, Ada Uli.

They met on Instagram and started talking before eventually meeting in real life.

The first day they met in person was at Deacon Famoous’s school, Delta State University Abaraka and since then they’ve been together.

Deacon famous is not yet married and doesn’t have a child.

The report that he lost his son in 2018 is not true. It was the death of a family friend that he posted on social media.

Because of the emotions he poured in his caption, blogs then carried it that he lost his son without calling him to verify if the boy was his son or not.

The child who was very close to Deacon Famous was electrocuted two days after D’banj lost his son. So Nigerian media used the story to make a sensation out of the fact that celebrity kids are dying in Nigeria.


Above is Deacon Famous biography and we hope it inspires you. Deacon Famous’s story is the testimony of hard work, perseverance, and the love of God.

Even though he lost his parents at a young age, he was able to be someone worth celebrating due to he believes so much in God.

This fear of God can also be noticed in his brand which represents very high moral standards, every movie, every skit, and every content must carry a message.

Thank you for reading Deacon Famous biography to the end.

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