Angel Unigwe Biography – Age, Boyfriend, Parents, State Of Origin & Networth

Angel Unigwe biography
Angel Unigwe is a Nollywood actress, model, TV host, and brand influencer (Credit: Instagram/AngelUniwgwe)

A lot is not known about Angel Unigwe biography because she is a very private person. Nollywood has given rise to so many beautiful and talented young actors and actresses and has driven them to fame at a tender age.

Angel Unigwe is one of those people whose career in the entertainment industry started before she became an adult. Angel Unigwe has been gracing the screens of Nollywood enthusiasts for years now, showcasing her talent and handwork,

If you are someone who is glued to your TV, you must have seen her in one or two TV commercials. However, very little is known about her.

Angel Unigwe can also be said to be a social media personality as she boasts of a very large following on all of her social media platforms where she shares daily updates about her life and her movie sets.

1.  Angel Unigwe age and childhood

Divine-Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe, popularly known as Angel Unigwe was born on the 27th of June, 2005. This means she is currently 19 years old.

Angel Unigwe state of origin is Imo State, and she is Igbo by tribe. She hails from a Local Government Area in Owerri, Imo State, in the South Eastern part of  Nigeria.

However, she was born in Lagos state, Nigeria where she grew up with her family and completed her basic education.

Angel Unigwe finished her primary education around the time she started acting and obtained her First school leaving certificate.

After which she proceeded to complete her secondary school education and then obtained her Senior school Certificate Examination (SSCE).

Currently, Angel Unigwe is pursuing her tertiary education at the University of Lagos where she is studying to earn a degree.

Angel Unigwe is a very hardworking girl, as she was serious and active in her education even while pursuing her acting career.

2. Angel Unigwe’s Parents

Angel Unigwe is one of the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Unigwe who hail from Oweri in Imo State.

Her mother, Mrs. Juliet Ifechi Unigwe popularly known as Juliet Kings is the owner of Da Priceless Jewelz Collectibles, a Jewelry store that is located somewhere in Lagos.

She also owns an indoor and outdoor catering service business in Lagos known as FINE Julienne HUT which is into cooking different African dishes.

However, she is popular for running a talent management company in Lagos Nigeria known as 5-Starz Talent Ville. This is a talent team that manages all her kids who are in showbiz and is located in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

Angel Unigwe and Her mother
Angel Unigwe and her mother in a movie set of “Lost Conscience” (Credit Instagram/5StarzTalentVille).

With this, it is easier for Mrs. Juliet Ifechi Unigwe to be very close to her teenage kids and help them avoid being exploited and assaulted in the industry.

She protects her kids from being taken advantage which is a common practice that happens to vulnerable actors their age in the movie industry.

Angel Unigwe has stated many times that she owes her popularity and fame to her mother, who has helped nurture her talent for years.

Despite her mother and some of her siblings being popular, nothing is known about Angel Unigwe’s father.

3. Angel Unigwe’s Siblings

Angel Nwigwe is from a family of five children, one boy and four girls. Her siblings are Princess Chizy Unigwe, Prince Buchi Unigwe, Chimamanda Unigwe, and Sharon Praise Unigwe.

Princess Chizy Unigwe is the first child of the family, Angel Nwigwe is the second child of the family, Prince Buchi Unigwe is the third child of the family, Chimamanda Unigwe is the fourth child of the family, and Sharon Praise Unigwe is the last child of the family.

One thing that is noteworthy about Angel Unigwe biography is that her family is very involved in the entertainment industry with their mother superseding their activities.

All her siblings are into showbiz, but two of her siblings; Buchi Unigwe and Princess Chizy Unigwe are already in the limelight and doing very well in their field of careers.

Angel Unigwe with her siblings Buchi Unigwe and Princess Chizzi Unigwe posing
Angel Unigwe with her two siblings Buchi Unigwe and Princess Chizzi Unigwe who are already in the limelight  (Credit: Facebook/AngelUnigwe)

Buchi Unigwe is Angel Unigwe’s younger brother who is also a child actor. Buchi began his acting career after he was featured in the movie titled “The Therapist” in 2015.

He has also done commercials for brands such as Kings Oil, Mr Chef, Golden Morn Puffy, Ajino Motto, Glo, and Campaign against Violence among others.

Prince Buchi Unigwe is also a model who has won several modeling Awards such as the NMAA Best Super Kid Model in 2016 and many others.

Princess Chizy Unigwe is also a Nollywood actress, a model, and an on-air personality who began her acting career as a child actress.

Angel Unigwe and her four siblings currently live in Lagos Nigeria with their parents.

4. Angel Unigwe’s career

Angel Unigwe showed a unique interest in acting when she was a child. It was her mother who discovered her talent and then knew she was going to be a star, so she immediately introduced her to acting.

Her mother helped shape Angel Unigwe’s talent into something worth presenting to the world. In 2015, Angel Unigwe kickstarted her acting career and by that time, she was already 10 years old.

Her debut role was in Allison’s Stand which was a very popular Nigerian series. Her role in the movie endeared her to fans across the country and gave rise to her popularity as a movie actress.

Angel Unigwe then went on to pursue a career as a TV host and became a presenter for DW’s Girlz off Mute when she was just the tender age of 14.

The TV show was about the discussion of  Girl’s rights in the modern world and how to protect those rights. Angel Unigwe did an incredible job hosting the program.

5. Angel Unigwe’s Net worth

Angel Unigwe is currently one of the most sought-after teen actresses in the Nigerian movie industry, making her one of the highest-earning young actresses with over 40 movies to her credit.

The beautiful and talented actress is paid around N500,000 or more to be in a movie role and also charges around N1 million or more to be in a television series or cinema movie.

Aside from her roles in movies, Angel Unigwe is also a brand influencer, TV host, and model. She is a brand ambassador for more than two companies and has appeared in commercials for other brands.

Angel Unigwe is estimated of a net worth of around $150,000 and it increases as time passes. Her major sources of income include her acting career, modeling career, Brand influencing, and hosting TV programs.

Not all of Angel Unigwe’s expensive houses and cars are known to the public, however, she currently lives in a luxurious apartment in Lagos, with her parents and siblings.

6. Angel Unigwe’s Boyfriend

One of the most common search queries about Angel Unigwe on the internet is about her relationship status, and whether or not she has a boyfriend.

A lot of people are very much interested in knowing if Angel has a boyfriend and who her boyfriend is.

Angel Unigwe has been very private about her relationship status and has never publicly declared her relationship with anyone before.

However, there are lots of romantic and cute pictures of her with the young and handsome actor, Eronini Osinachim.

Angel Unigwe and boyfriend
Angel Unigwe in a loved-up picture with Eronini Osinachi which sparked dating rumors. (credit: Instagram/EroniniOfficial)

There have also been several rumors about her dating him due to the loved-up photos they always share together online. And one time in an Instagram post by Eronini Osinachim, he captioned a photo of him and Angel Unigwe ‘my favorite distraction’.

This gave rise to several rumors of them dating online, however, none of both parties have mentioned anything about dating and Angel Unigwe has not hinted at anything related to dating Eronini Osinachim or anyone else.

What is fact regardless is that Eronini Osinachim and Angel Unigwe are colleagues and have featured in a lot of movies together.

In most of the movies, they both acted as lovers or married couples, and some fans wish for this to be true in reality, by pairing them together online as a couple.

7. Angel Unigwe’s movies

Angel Unigwe has featured in a lot of movies where she translated her roles exceptionally well. She has featured in over 30 notable movies and television series, she has also featured in a few television commercials.

In 2021 Angel Unigwe featured in a popular television series that was produced by Esse Akwawa and Chidinma Igbokweuche, the series was titled Olive and she delivered her role flawlessly.

Before Olive Angel Unigwe also featured in another notable movie titled Three Thieves where she played the character of Fuwa. The movie was written by Sammy Egbemawei, Abba Makama, and Africa Ukoh, it was released to Nigerian cinemas on the 4th of October.

Babtunwa Aderinkon and Uche Okocha were the executive producers and producers respectively. Before her rise to fame in these two movies, she first featured in ‘Light in the Dark’ in 2018 which was directed by Ekene Som Mekwunye.

Angel Unigwe acted alongside renowned actors like Ngozi Nwosu, Rita Dominic, Kalu Ikeagwu, and Joke Silva. Angel Unigwe has also been featured in other notable films like ‘Freedah’, ‘Ten Years married marriage’, ‘pains of Aliyah’, ‘Zuriel’s Diary’, and ‘My Siblings and I’ among others.

8. Angel Unigwe Awards

Angel Unigwe biography cannot be complete without including her Awards. Angel Unigwe’s notable achievements in the Nigerian movie industry have earned her numerous awards and recognition.

Let’s look at some of these awards: Child Actor of the Year (2019): Angel Unigwe’s talent was recognized and celebrated at the Intellects Giant Award where she received the prestigious Child Actor of the Year award.

Her performance has always captivated audiences gaining her a fan base of both old and young. African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA): Angel Unigwe’s portrayal of characters left a lasting impression, earning her the title of Best Young/Promising Actor at the 2019 AMAA.

This award highlighted her exceptional abilities and dedication to her craft. Trailblazer Award (2023): On May 20, 2023, Unigwe received the Trailblazer Award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

This prestigious recognition celebrates her impact as a rising star in the industry, paving the way for future generations of actors.

9. Conclusion

The above article is Angel Unigwe biography and we hope it helps answer the questions you are looking for about your favorite Nollywood actress

However, we cannot end this Angel Unigwe biography without mentioning the controversy between Angel Unigwe and Kanayo O. Kanayo.

On the 24th of June 2024, veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo called out Angel Unigwe and her mother for an alleged breach of contract. He stated that Angel Unigwe’s mother came to pick her up from a movie scene when the time for their contract had not elapsed.

In all, Angel Unigwe remains a very talented young actress devoted to her craft and forever warming the hearts of all her fans both old and young across the globe.

Thank you for taking the time to read Angel Unigwe biography till the end and don’t forget to check out other biographies on our website

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