4 Children Of Mercy Johnson: Their Age, Biography, School and Achievements

Children Of Mercy Johnson
Four children of Mercy Johson in a family portrait during their parents’ 10th year wedding anniversary on August 27, 2022. (Photographer: Toniegrapher, Source: Instagram/mercyjohnsonokoji).

Children Of Mercy Johnson are growing so fast, with her daughters already venturing into acting like their mother, but many of Mercy Johson’s fans want to know more about her children.

Mercy Johnson has four children, three girls and one boy. The only son of Mercy Johnson is the second child of the actress.

When you see Mercy Johnson’s children in their family portrait, you will notice how closely identical they all look, no doubt, Mercy Johson and her husband Prince Odi also look alike.

However, in this article, we will learn about the children of Mercy Johnson and their biography, but before then, how did Mercy Johnson give birth to her four children?

How Mercy Johnson gave birth to four children

Mercy Johnson first met her husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie in 2008 aboard a flight from France. Prince Odi revealed that he asked for her number and she declined, but she later gave him her number and the rest became history.

With a colorful reception held immediately after the church service, actress Mercy Johnson’s wedding to Prince Okojie was one of the most talked about Nollywood marriages in Nigeria at the time.

They got married on August 27, 2011, at the Christ Embassy Church located in the Ikeja area of Lagos State, while their wedding reception took place at the 10 Degree Event Centre along Billings Way, Ikeja.

In the heat of preparation for Mercy Johnson’s glamorous wedding, a woman known as Lovely Okojie emerged out of nowhere to stop the union. According to Lovely, she was still married to Prince Odianose Okojie with two kids.

The embattled woman alleged that she was the legal wife of Prince Odianosen Okojie. She got married to Okojie in 2006, in Italy, and their unit bore two loving kids.

She also provided picture evidence of her marriage to Prince and their kids to back up her claim while calling for the cancellation of Mercy Johnson’s wedding plans.

However, Bigsam Media, the official publicist for Mercy Johnson, in defense of the allegation admitted that a relationship existed between Okojie and Lovely Okojie but the union ended five years before Okojie met Mercy Johnson.

While we were left to decide who was right and who was not Mercy Johnson and Odi went on to do their wedding. Many criticized Mercy Johnson and her husband for hurry because the actress gave birth to her first child right after getting married

Soon after, she gave birth to two more. Now the couple is blessed with four lovely children.

Children Of Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson’s children are Purity Okojie, Henry Okojie, Angel Okojie, and Divine-Mercy Okojie.

Her fans want to know more about the children of Mercy Johnson’s children, their ages, the name of the school they attended or attended, their career, their marital status, and what’s going on in their lives.

All this information about the children of Mercy Johnson you will find below:

1. Purity Okojie

Purity was born in 2012, Purity who is Mercy Johnson’s first child is currently 11 years old. Mercy Johnson gave birth to Purity in the United States on 30 December 2012.

She graduated from Nursery school into primary school in 2018 and her parents Mercy Johnson and Prince Okojie celebrated her.

Then in 2021, Mercy Johnson revealed that her daughter Purity, was bullied in school by a teacher because of their celebrity status after she changed her to a new school.

In 2022, Purity Okojie represented her school in a swimming competition known as the World School Games which was hosted in Dubai.

Mercy Johnson Okojie shared the news on her Instagram page while congratulating her daughter for being chosen for the competition even though she didn’t win any prize.

In 2019, Purity was pictured being on set with her mother, Mercy Johnson, then in 2023, she featured in her first as an actress. Her debut is in the movie titled “The Birthday,” making Mercy Johnson among Nollywood Actors who introduced their children to acting.

Today, the actress’s daughter, Purity Okojie, is in primary school at Pretoria Nursery, Primary And Secondary Schools, Lagos State.

2. Henry Okojie

Henry Ozioma Okojie is the second child of Mercy Johnson. He is the first son and only son of Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi union.

Henry Okojie was born on October 15, 2014, and he is currently 9 years old, making him two years younger than his elder sister, purity.

Mercy Johnson gave birth to Henry Okojie at St. Joseph Hospital, University of Maryland, Baltimore in the United States of America (USA).

He is also in primary school but not much is known about the name of his school.

Despite his young age, Henry Ozioma Okojie is also quite well-known among Mercy John’s fans, thanks to his mother’s habit of sharing his adorable pictures and videos on her social media.

3. Angel Okojie

Angel Onosetale Okojie is the third child of Mercy Johnson and the second daughter of the actress. Angel Okojie was born on December 11, 2015, and she is currently 8 years old.

This means Angel Okojie is just a year and a few months younger than her older brother, Henry Okojie.

Mercy Johnson delivered her in far away, Maryland, United States of America, the same hospital where she delivered her son.

Mercy Johnson reportedly gave birth to Angel at 9:00 pm at the St. Joseph Hospital, University of Maryland, Baltimore in the United States of America (USA).

Angel Okojie who is currently in primary school began her acting career in 2023, when she featured in the movie titled “The Birthday” alongside her elder sister and mother.

4. Divine Okojie

For now, Divine Mercy Okojie is the last born of Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi’s union. According to Mercy Johnson, she may give birth to more kids in the future.

Divine Okojie was born on May 4, 2020, and she is currently 4 years old. This means she is 5 years younger than her elder sister, Angel Okojie.

Why did it take Mercy Johnson so long to give birth to her last child, compared to her first three children who are a year/two years older than each other?

Well, this is because of her medical condition that got Mercy Johnosn’s thyroid removed six months after she gave birth to her last child.

Aside from her medical condition, there were controversies between the family of Mercy Johnson and Musician Davido during the time of Divine Okojie’s birth. 

It was noticeable in the singer’s congratulatory message to the family after they gave birth to Divine. In the message, Davido tagged Mercy and her husband as ‘wicked people’.

At the time, it was reported Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Okojie sued Davido for taking money from him without rendering the services he paid for.

According to the story, the singer was billed to perform at the opening ceremony of Mercy Jonson and her husband’s hotel, Henod Luxury Hotels in the Abulegba area of Lagos, but the event ended with Davido not showing up.


The above article is the complete list of the children of Mercy Johnson, their age, the name of the school they attended or attended their career, and what’s going on in their lives.

While Mercy Johnson’s children are still growing, it is safe to say that the actress is working as hard as possible to keep her family together.

The way she carries her family along in everything she does shows how healthy and good-looking the children of Mercy Johnson are.


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