12 Nollywood Actors Who Introduced Their Children To Acting

Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting
Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting

Do you know that there are a lot of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting?

Some of these actors were introduced to acting from a young age because they followed their parents to movie locations, while others picked up the interest after adulthood.

This does not mean they aren’t as talented as their parents, however, they had opportunities to pursue their dream careers because their parents were already working there so they learned from them.

In this article, we will be looking into the list of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

1. Rita Daniel introduced Regina Daniel

Regina Daniel joined the movie industry at the age of seven and rose to prominence at the age of nine by following her mother to movie locations.

Regina Daniels made her debut in Nollywood in 2010 at nine and became a sensation when she starred in ‘Miracle Child’.

A sorrowful movie in which she starred alongside Nollywood veteran, Chinwe Owoh.

Since then, the teen actress has grown into a famous actress, making her mother of one the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

Regina Daniel has starred in over a hundred movies and she is now a movie producer.

As Regina once recalled, her debut movie paid her 10,000 naira. But as time went on, Daniel started landing more and more successful performing roles, earning her over $5 million net worth.

2. Regina Daniel introduced Munir Nwoko

Regina Daniels introduced her first son with businessman Ned Woku Monair into her acting career in the movie industry.

Regina, who started movie making at seven also gave her three-year-old son his first movie role.

The mother of two on Wednesday, October 18 shared a snippet from her new movie titled “Saved,” which is a scene where a man was carrying her son Munir Nwoko.

In a caption about the new movie, Regina wrote pay attention “Saved” It features the youngest star Prince Monair Uwoko.

This movie made her fans wonder about the role Munir played in the movie, making her among the few Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

3. Mercy Johnson introduced Purity Okojie

Actress Mercy Johnson has introduced her first daughter Purity Okojie to acting. It’s not just her first daughter, her second daughter is also on this path.

The talented actress who is now a movie producer introduced her children in the debut film starting herself.

Her daughter, Purity Okojie, and Angel Okojie showcased their talent in the movie titled ‘The Birthday” also featuring Onny Michael.

In the new movie, Mercy Johnson played the role of their on-screen mother which is a comic piece that the actress urged everyone to look out for it when it drops.

This movie has made Mercy Johnson one of the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

4. Kunle Afolayan Introduced Yemi Afolayon

Nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan comes from a family of Nollywood actors. Starting from his late father, Adeyemi Afolayan, down to his siblings, who are all in the movie industry.

However, it was no surprise to see the movie maker introduce his teenage daughter, Yemi Afolayan to acting, making him one of the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

The young actress made her debut in her father’s produced Netflix film titled “Anikolapo.”

Ayemi plays the character of Omomi, a young princess of the Oyo kingdom who falls in love with Saro, the lead character of the movie, a role played by Kunle Remy.

In a promotional clip shared by Kunle Afolayan on his Instagram page, the filmmaker revealed that his daughter,  Yemi Afolayan grabbed the role because of her natural acting talent, and not because of his influence.

5. Annie Idibia introduced Isabelle Idibia

Isabella Idibia is a popular teenage Nollywood actress and the second daughter of veteran Nigerian musician known as 2Face Idibia, and his wife, Annie Idibia.

Annie Idibia introduced her daughter into acting when Isabelle followed her to the location of the African Magic family drama series “Mr. X.”

They needed someone to play a child character, and Isabelle was the only teenager available at the movie location

Annie who was part of the cast became one of the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting when she negotiated her daughter for the acting role which kickstarted Isabelle Idibia’s acting career.

However, Isabell didn’t further her acting career as her parents sent her to the UK for her education.

6. Uche Nancy Introduced Chinenye Nnebe

In 2000, Chinenye Nnebe was introduced into the Nigerian movie industry as a child actress by her mother Uche Nancy when she followed her mother who was a movie costumier at the time to a movie location.

They needed someone to play a child character in the movie, but there was none available.

Chinenye however volunteered to take up the role, and that was how she began acting, making her mother one of the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

But, she did not become famous as a child. Chinenye Nnebe however became famous as a teenager when she featured in the Nollywood blockbuster movie titled “Dry” a movie produced by veteran Nollywood actress, Stepanie Okereke.

Chinnenye portrayed the character of Dr. Zahra, a young lady who lost her family and was eventually raped by hoodlums.

Because of how Chinenye perfectly played her role in the movie, it earned her an Award for Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

7. Oby Onuigbo introduced Adeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo started her acting career at the tender age of three. Her mother Oby Onuigbo introduced Adaeze to the Nollywood movie industry as a child actress.

Oby Onuigbo was at the peak of getting her breakthrough role when she got pregnant and this made her stop acting in other to focus more on herself and her baby.

She gave birth to her child, a girl child on 2 September 2008 whom she named Adaeze and she happens to be the popular teenage actress Adaeze Onuigbo.

After nursing her baby, Oby Onuigbo went back to Nollywood and started working behind the scenes in movies but did act in most minor roles.

She used to take her child, Adaeze Onuigbo to movie sets along with her and this was how Oby Onuigbo introduced her daughter, Adaeze Onuigbo to acting at a young age.

This was also how she became among the list of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

8. Jide Kosoko introduced 3 daughters

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko introduced his daughters; Bidemi, Shola, and Tamiladi Kosoko, making him one of the few veteran Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

Shola Kosoko is an actress who has made a whole lot of impact in the entertainment industry and the Yoruba movie industry at large.

She is the eldest daughter of Judy Kosoko, born January 7, 1980.

At first, Shola did not show interest in acting. According to her father, she had wanted to become a lawyer, but her father started giving her acting roles, which made her develop an interest in acting.

She is now a successful Nollywood actress who has acted in a lot of Nollywood movie industry.

Bidemi Kosoko is one of the versatile and talented actresses in Nollywood and she was born December 20, 180 and Shola are sisters from the same mother.

Bidemi developed uninteresting movies right from when she was a little girl. According to her father, Bidemi usually follows him to auditions to see how they are acting.

Timiladi Kosoko is another stunning Nollywood actress who was born on April 27, 2000, and also her father’s daughter.

9. Iyabo Ojo introduced Priscilla Ojo

Priscilla Ajoki Ojo is a young rising actress, model, and social media influencer.

Priscilla was introduced into the acting industry by her mother when she was featured in the movie titled “Beyond Disability” in 2016, at the time she was just 16.

This single move made Iyabo Ojo among the list of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

The way Priscilla handled the character she portrayed in that movie earned her a nomination for the Best of Nollywood Award for Best Child Actress.

She also appeared in the movie titled “Silence” that same year, this time in a movie produced by her mother,  Iyabo Ojo.

The following year, 2017, she went on to star in the movie titled “Victims” where she portrayed the character of Laidi. However, her mother stopped her from acting to focus on her education.

She got admission to study at Babcock University where she graduated with a degree in Media and Theater Arts.

10. Salami Adebayo introduced Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo, also known as Jalili or Sonto Alapata, is a popular Nollywood actor.

He is the son of veteran Nollywood actor Salami Adebayo, also known as Ogabello Femi, who was born on 31 December 1978.

Salami Adebayor introduced his son Femi to acting, making him among the Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.

Aside from being an actor, Femi Adebayor is a Nigerian lawyer, director, producer, and a Special Advisor to the Governor of Kwara State on arts, culture, and tourism. He recently signed an ambassador deal with Star Times and

11. Pete Edoche Introduced Yul Edoche

Pete Adoche is a Nigerian Nollywood actor. Known for his amazing acting roles. He is considered to be one of Africa’s most talented actors. The award-winning movie star was 38 when he acted in Things Fall Apart.

There is no doubt that he influenced his son Yula Doche to join the Nigerian film industry.

During his movie career, he featured with his son in a 2014 film titled Edemili. Nollywood famous actor Yula Doche is the son of Nollywood veteran actor Peter Doce.

Yul Edochie Doce speaks exactly like his father and it is difficult to deny the similarities between them. Eula Doce was born on the 7 January 1982.

Nollywood actor Yula Doche has stated that his father, Peter Doche influenced him to adopt acting even when he started as a director.

In 2005, fresh out of a Theater arts department, at the University of Port Harcourt, he directed his first movie which starred Chief Peter Duche.

After the movie, his father says it’s best if he goes fully into acting and learns more as an actor before coming back to directing. He agreed as a man who loved challenges, he took it upon himself to make a mark in Hollywood as an actor.

So he went into acting fully and established himself as one of the greatest actors in Africa.

In 2023, he directed his father again in the movie The Godfather, and his father was blown away by his artistic prowess and leadership skills.

12. Conclusion

Above is the list of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting and we hope it helps you discover all of them.

If you are interested in the visual part of this list, you can click the video below to watch the video of Nollywood actors who introduced their children to acting.


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