Sharon Ooja Biography – Age, Husband, Parents, State Of Origin & Networth

Sharon Ooja a talented Actress, brand ambassador, brand influencer and model
Sharon Ooja a talented Actress, brand ambassador, brand influencer and model (credit: Instagram/Sharonooja)

Sharon Ooja biography is incomplete without stating that she is a Nollywood actress with an infectious, sweet personality much like her beauty. She is popular for featuring in several movies, making her widely recognized in the Nollywood movie industry and among many fans.

When Sharon Ooja is not sharing jaw-dropping pictures, the lifestyle influencer, and brand ambassador uses her social media platforms to keep fans updated on her day-to-day life. This includes her trips to different countries and day-to-day activities that she shares with her followers.

Sharon Ooja is a star name in Nollywood and will never let the love of her fans go so far that some are glued to their televisions because of her beauty. That is why a lot of people are interested in Sharon Ooja Biography.

Sharon Ooja is known to be down to Earth, she does not mince words and, she has a successful career as an actress. But it also reflects her commitment to the work and her focus on pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a widely known actress and television personality.

1. Sharon Ooja Age and Childhood

Sharon Ooja Egurube, fondly known as Sharon Ooja, was born on the 6th of April, 1991. This means she is currently 33 years old.

Sharon Ooja hails from a local government in Benue state. She is of the Idoma tribe, a true woman of culture in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

Born in Kaduna state, Sharon Ooja began life there for a while before moving to Jos for her primary education. She attended Kings and Queens School, Jos, where she completed her primary education and obtained her (FSLC).

After obtaining her First School Leaving Certificate, she went to two all-girls schools, St. Louis Girls’ College, Jos, and Regina Pacis Secondary School, Garki II, Abuja, both boarding schools. There, she got her Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) and completed basic learning.

She then went on to Houdegbe North American University, Cotonou, Benin Republic. Houdegbe North American University is a private university located in Cotonou, founded to offer quality education with a focus on a bilingual curriculum, integrating both English and French language courses.

The institution is known for attracting a significant number of international students, particularly from Nigeria and other West African countries, due to its relatively affordable tuition fees and diverse academic offerings, and for this school Sharon Ooja was a student.

It is no wonder Sharon Ooja carries herself with such charisma and elegance, who would not after attending such prestigious Institution of higher learning. It was also in her university days that she discoveredhaer rare fashion sense.

She graduated from the school with a degree in Mass Communication, at around the time her acting career jump started. Unlike most Nollywood actors and actresses who joggled acting with their academics, Sharon Ooja finished one before starting the other.

2.Sharon Ooja Parents

Sharon Ooja is born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ooja in 1991 in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Sharon Ooja Biography is one everyone wants to know, especially about her parents as many fans wonder where she got her beauty from.

Sharon Ooja is one of four daughters born to Mr and Mrs Ooja, from Benue State, Nigeria, this means she has three sisters.

They’re both great and supportive parents, as Sharon boasts of a happy childhood, sharing stories of her childish frivolities and her stubbornness.

Sharon Ooja parents at Sharon Ooja wedding
Sharon Ooja parents at Sharon Ooja wedding (Credit: Instagram/Sharonooja)

The support she has from both her parents is immemse, relating stories of how her father takes out the time to watch her movies and even call to commend her.

Sharo Ooja’s father was also present at her wedding, walking her down the aisle, as the congregation watched in joy. Sharon Ooja’s parents have contributed greatly to who she is today and she makes sure they know that.

Sharon Ooja’s happy childhood and fun upbringing are reflected in her charming and bubbly nature, as well as the way she interprets her roles as a professional Nollywood actress.

3. Sharon Ooja Siblings

A very uncommon part of Sharon Ooja biography is the fact that her family is very private, especially her siblings, and for a long time so many people thought she was an only child.
Sharon Ooja has three sisters, and from a single glance at her sisters, one can tell that beauty indeed runs in the family.

Sharon Ooja’s older sister is called Dubi Aretha Ooja, she has a striking resemblance with her sister, they almost look like twins. Dubi Ooja is a professional Chef and a devoted Christian as well.

Dubi has been married for a while to the tall, dark, and handsome Toni Dash, but welcomed her first child and son in March 2022. Dubi and her husband live a very private life, away from the limelight.

Sharon Ooja sisters ta her wedding
Left side: Sharon Ooja sisters,  Dubi Ooja and her second sister at her wedding, Right side: Dubi Ooja and her husband Tony  dash in pregnancy reveal photo (Credit:Instagram/Sharonooja)

Dubi Ooja and Sharon Ooja share a very close relationship as Sharon is a frequent visitor to her house and vice versa, they have that sisterly bond that is not so common.

Sharon Ooja sometimes talks about her sister Dubi Ooja on her social media platforms and even posts her sometimes.

The Ooja daughters have a way of staying out of the limelight and keeping secrets, it is no wonder that Sharon OOja was able to hide the face of her man for three good months.

The other two of Sharon OOJa’s sisters have not made many public appearances and not much is known about them, it seems like Sharon is the only Ooja daughter that lives for the limelight. However Dubi and one of her sisters made a public appearance at her wedding.

4. Sharon Ooja Career

Sharon Ooja’s acting career began when she moved to Lagos in 2013. In an interview with the Nigerian tabloid Punch newspaper, Sharon explained how she entered the acting world.

Sharon Ooja recounted that it started during a photo shoot for a store, where NdaniTV was documenting the behind-the-scenes activities. The following week, she was invited for an interview for a television show that ultimately didn’t materialize. Sharon Ooja was then given a small role in the series Gidi Up’.

Her big break was in the series, ‘Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT)’, where she played Shalewa, Tiwalade’s younger sister. She portrayed a fashionable and somewhat spoiled young woman who often finds herself in romantic entanglements.

Sharon Ooja added a mix of humor and drama to the series, bringing her to the limelight of the acting industry in Nollywood.

Sharon Ooja was also featured in ‘Glamour Girls’, where she was reported to have fallen ill on set. “Glamour Girls” is a Nigerian drama series that delves into the lives of a group of women navigating the high-stakes world of luxury, power, and glamour in Lagos.

The storyline centers around their ambitions, relationships, and the moral complexities they face as they strive for success and wealth.

The series explores themes of love, betrayal, and the often challenging balance between personal desires and societal expectations. In the Nigerian series, “Glamour Girls,” Sharon Ooja played the role of Emma.

Emma is a young, ambitious woman who is drawn into the glamorous yet treacherous world of high society in Lagos. She played her role wonderfully, setting her much better in the eye of Nollywood productions all the more.

Time and time again, she has continued to prove her acting prowess, going on to feature in many other movies, including, “Dead Serious”, alongside Sabinus, Nkem Owoh, and Deyemi Okanlawon, “Still Falling”, alongside Daniel Etim Effiong, among others.

Sharon Ooja even took on the lead role in the film “Òlòtūré”. Sharon Ooja plays the titular character, Òlòtūré, a young Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the dangerous world of human trafficking.
Posing as a prostitute, Òlòtūré infiltrates a trafficking ring, witnessing firsthand the brutal realities faced by women trapped in this illegal trade. In this movie, she pulled out all the stops, proving once more that she was more than she was being tiecast into.

Sharon Ooja is also an influencer and brand ambassador, repping brands like Schweppes, Boz diamonds and VSP Botanicals, even Throne Homes. Sharon Ooja shares her engagements and brands on her Instagram account.

It can only get better for Sharon Ooja from here, as her career looks even more promising as she goes on in acting.

5. Sharon Ooja Net Worth

Sharon Ooja’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $500,000 as of 2024. She has accumulated her wealth through a successful career in acting, modeling, and hosting. She is recorded to have hosted the GT Bank’s Fashion Week’s Red Carpet, alongside Nollywood’s Timini Egbuson in 2017.

Sharon gained significant recognition for her role as “Shalewa” in the web series “Skinny Girl in Transit” and has continued to build her profile in Nollywood with roles in various movies and TV shows, such as “King of Boys,” “Lara and the Beat,” and “Moms at War”.

Sharon Ooja has just recently signed an endorsement with Throne homes as well, a real estate agency, and continues to branch out into various spheres of brand representation.

Sharon Ooja continues to progress in her career as an actress among her other endeavors as her net worth continues to multiply. Fans have grown to love her on screen, and things are only getting better as they go for her.

6. Sharon Ooja Husband

One of the most searched hashtags on twitter in July 2024 is the name SHARON, this is no surprise as Sharon got married on the 29th  of June 2024.

After hiding the face of her lover throughout their dating and engagement period, she finally brought him to the light, at the announcement and occurrence of their wedding, revealing it to be one billionaire Ugoo Nwoke.

The most recent part of Sharon Ooja biography has to be her marriage to her ‘Odogwu Silencer’. Her very recent marriage has been the talk of the town, ranging from the traditional wedding to the church, even inclusive of the court wedding.

They sat comfortably in the eye of the public, fans gushing at how beautiful they look together and blessing their marriage as well.

Sharon ooja nad her husband Ugoo nwoke in loved up photo
Sharon ooja and her husband Ugoo Nwoke in loved up photo (credit: instagram/sharonooja)

Their marriage was a beautiful one, boasting of luxury and finesse in many of the fine details. She stunned in multiple dresses, looking graciously gorgeous in each one as she shared moments with her newly wedded husband, Ugoo.

Sharon Ooja took to Instagram to announce her marriage and also express her gratitude after the celebration, her joy knowing no bounds in her posts as her page gets more and more flooded with well-wishers comments.

Sharon Ooja is happily married to Ugoo Nwoke currently, after a lavish wedding ceremony, albeit with a lot of scandals and such surrounding their newly wedded life. They look beautiful together, and there’s more to see from them as a married couple.

7. Conclusion

Sharon Ooja is a beautiful and skilled actress and has dedicated herself to showing perfection on screen. She has endeared her fans with her happy demeanor and continues to show herself strong in her field.

In recent times, there has been a lot of controversy concerning her marriage. Her husband, Ugoo Nwoke is currently being scrutinized by the public, fans and otherwise, as he is rumored to have had multiple divorces before his marriage to Sharon Ooja.

Sharon Ooja biography is one of dedication and devotion and of joy and strength, and her fans have come to love all that she has in store for us as her acting career booms.

Sharon Ooja is one to watch for she is on her way to becoming one of the greatest actresses of her generation and time. She’s skilled in her craft, and we can only marvel as she grows more and more gifted at all she does.

Thank you for taking time to read this content till the very end, we have more biographies of your favorite Nollywood celebrities.

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