Marie Wiseborn Biography – Age, Parents, Siblings, State Of Origin & Networth

Marie Wiseborn and Moses Bliss
Marie Wiseborn and Moses Bliss at the Middle Temple, London on the day Marie Wiseborn was called to the Bar of England and Wales. (Credit: Instagram/MarieWiseborn).

Marie Wiseborn biography is filled with unknown facts about how this beautiful legal practitioner became successful in the UK.

Marie Wiseborn is a London-based lawyer, barrister, motivational speaker, and educational entrepreneur.

Ever since her engagement to gospel singer, Moses Bliss, many are looking to know who Marie Wiseborn is and how she was able to meet and date the singer despite their long-distance residences.

However, in this article, you will learn about Marie Wiseborn biography, her age, parents, siblings, state of origin, and net worth.

1. Marie Wiseborn age and childhood.

Yaa Asantewaa Marie Agyare Wiseborn famously known as Marie Wiseborn was born on August 20, 1999. This means the London-based lawyer is currently 24 years old.

Marie is from Konongo, Ashanti Region which is located in the southern part of Ghana. She is of the Akan ethnic group, and Twi is her native language.

Marie Wiseborn was born in Ashanti City, Ghana, but she relocated to London, United Kingdom with her family when she was young.

She grew up in the UK where she completed her primary school, secondary school, and University education.

Marie Wiseborn studied at Archbishop Tenison’s CodE High School in London, where she created and led the Multicultural show. She was the Netball Captain, Temple House community captain, and member of the Prom Planning Committee.

After graduating High school, she proceeded to Wallington County Grammar School in London for her A-Levels, where she majored in Biology, Chemistry, and History.

She handled the position of Deputy House captain over the Lower Sixth and the president of the Christian Society. She was a member of the Women’s rugby team scouted onto the South England women’s talent pathway, a member of the Women’s Netball team, and also a member of the E-Safety and Anti-bullying Society.

After her A Levels, Marie Wiseborn got admission into the University of Surrey’s School of Law, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 2022.

At the university, she was president of the Chosen Christian Fellowship Society and a member of the Women’s Rugby team.

Upon graduation from the University, Marie Wiseborn then proceeded to the City University of London for her

2. Marie Wiseborn Parents

Marie Wiseborn is the daughter of Pastor Acquah Agyare-Wiseborn and Mrs. Felicia Wiseborn who are originally from the Ashanti Region of Ghana but currently live in the UK.

Acquah Agyare-Wiseborn and Mrs. Felicia Wiseborn got married in 1995 in Ghana before relocating to London, United Kingdom.

Her parents are well-respected figures in Ghnana and also in their community in the United Kingdom.

Mrs. Felicia said that her daughter, Marie Wiseborn is a daddy’s girl who is always pampered by her father Pastor Acquah.

Marie Wiseborn Parents
Marie Wiseborn with her parents, Pastor Agyare Wiseborn, and Mrs. Felicia Wiseborn on her church wedding day in Ghana. (Credit: Instagram/MarieWiseborn).

Her father Pastor Acquah Agyare-Wiseborn is a district pastor at the Church Of Pentecost in London, United Kingdom.

Before becoming a pastor, Agyare-Wiseborn was in the British army and worked as a registered nurse in the UK until he received the call to become a pastor.

He then proceeded to earn a bachelor of arts degree in Biblical and Intercultural studies and then a master of arts degree in leadership with missions at All Nations Christian College in England, United Kingdom, where he graduated in 2011.

Her mother, Mrs. Felicia Wiseborn formally known as Felicia Amoah in her hometown of Agogo, Ashanti City is a registered nurse at The National Health Service, in England.

Before becoming a nurse, Mrs. Felicia was a former teacher at Ghana Education Service (GES) from 1990 to 1993 before she got married.

After her marriage and giving birth to her kids, she then proceeded to study for the Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health at the University Center, Harlow Collage Essex.

Then in 2015, she got a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Kingston University, United Kingdom where she graduated in August 2018.

Since October 2018, Mrs. Felicia Wiseborn has been working as a registered nurse at the NHS, England coupled with her passion as a gospel artist.

She released her first gospel album in 2006 produced by her husband, Pastor Acquah Agyare-Wiseborn.

3. Marie Wiseborn siblings

Marie Wise is the only daughter in a family of four children. This means she has three brothers as siblings and they all live and study in the UK.

Marie Wiseborn’s siblings are Ike Agyare, David Agyare, and Nana Osei Agyare.

Ike Agyare-Wiseborn is the first son of the family, David Agyare-Wiseborn is the second son of the family and Nana Osei Agyare-Wiseborn is the last born of the family.

Marie Wiseborn Siblings
The Wiseborn family portrait that was taken on a Sunday morning at their London residence. (Credit: YouTube/FeliciaWiseborn).

Ike Agyare-Wiseborn studied science at Archbishop Tenison’s C of E High School in the United Kingdom. He is currently a medical student at a reputable University in the UK.

David Agyare-Wiseborn is a student at Haberdashers Knights Academy in England, United Kingdom.

Nothing is known about the last born of the family, Nana Osei Agyare because he is too young to have a social media account.

This is why most media outlets think she only has two brothers, but a close look at her father’s Facebook shows Marie Wiseborn has three brothers.

4. Marie Wiseborn Career

Marie Wiseborn began her career as a legal practitioner when she was still in the school of law, University of Surrey.

Two years after getting admission into the university, Marie Wiseborn worked at Birds Solicitors in London for her professional training year experience internship which started in Sep. 2020 and ended in July 2021 (11 months).

At Birds Solicitors, Marie Wiseborn created analytical documents from jury bundles and attended court for the trial in November 2020. she was involved in sports law, criminal law, and administrative work in the office.

Immediately after graduating from the University of Surrey’s School of Law, in May 2022, Marie Wiseborn worked at Pallant Chambers in London as a Mini pupil.

At Pallant Chambers, she shadowed barristers in the area of Child Law, attended court on the 3rd of May, and virtual hearings on the 5th of May.

After that, Marie Wiseborn proceeded to the City University of London for her and was subsequently called to the Bar of England and Wales in November 2023.

She is currently a London-based lawyer, barrister, and motivational speaker. Marie Wiseborn is also the founder of Learning.Lite, a platform she created to assist the new generation become better versions of themselves.

6. Marie Wiseborn Networth

Moses Blis is currently one of the youngest legal practitioners in London and still looking for ways to make a name for herself in the British legal ethos.

However, aside from being a legal practitioner, Marie Wiseborn is also a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Learning Lite, an educational platform she founded in 2023.

With her current brand on Instagram sitting on over 300k followers, the gospel preacher will eventually venture into brand influencing and will predominantly influence her fans who are inspired by her faith in God, and relatable personality.

Marie Wiseborn is estimated of a net worth of around £50,000 and it increases as time passes.

Her major sources of income include her public speaking jobs, employment as a legal practitioner in London, and her educational platform, Learning.Lite.

Marie Wiseborn’s expensive lifestyle is not known to the public because it is very far from what her brand represents. Her brand represents modesty, kindness, and the love of God.

7. Marie Wiseborn husband

Marie Wiseborn is currently married to Nigerian gospel musician, Moses Bliss.

Moses Bliss is a gospel singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and minister popularly known for his 2019 hit song titled “Too Faithful,” a song that brought him to the limelight.

Marie Wiseborn and Moses Bliss met on Instagram after she tagged him dancing to his song. They started talking from there and then exchanged contacts as friends.

Their friendship later grew into something special and they started dating shortly after. They dated for about a year before the gospel singer asked Marie Wiseborn to marry him.

After their engagement, Moses Bliss unveiled Marie Wiseborn to his fans on Friday, January 19, 2024, through his social media pages. The engagement pictures and videos blew the internet because nobody knew Moses Bliss was in a relationship at the time.

A few months after their engagement, Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn had their court and traditional wedding in February 2024 and then their white wedding in March of the same year.

8. Conclusion

Above is Marie Wiseborn biography and we hope it helps you to know more about Moses Bliss’s London-based wife.

Marie Bliss’s life and upbringing are a testimony to her parents’ hard work to ensure they provide the best morals and education to their children.

Even though her father pampered her a lot while growing up, because she is the only daughter of the family, that didn’t allow her to be a wayward child like most pastor’s daughters.

Thank you for reading this Marie Wiseborn biography to the end and don’t forget to read about her husband’s biography too.

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