Eronini Osinachim Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State Of Origin & Networth

Eronini Osinachim is an actor, brand fashion influencer, and model.
Eronini Osinachim is an actor, brand fashion influencer, and model. (Credit; Instagram/Eroniniofficial)

Eronini Osinachim is an actor, brand fashion influencer, and model. Since his break into the movie industry, he has been giving other actors a run for their money.

Eronini Osinachim is an attractive young actor in his twenties, making himself a household name among Nollywood lovers, he is super talented and interprets his roles seamlessly.

Eronini Osinachim has been in quite several Nollywood movies as well, proving time and time again, his acting prowess.

His movies quickly become a household name, playing versatile roles from friend to lover. Eronini Osinachim biography is one everyone wants to know.

1. Eronini Osinachim Age and Childhood

Eronini Osinachim is popularly known as Ero Noni Osi. Eronini Osinachim was born on the 5th of March, 1999. This means he is currently 25 years old.

Eronini Osinachim is of Igbo tribe, he is from Imo State, specifically from the city of Owerri, located in the southeastern region of Nigeria.

It is no wonder Eronini Osinachim is very bubbly and cheerful; most people from Owerri town are said to have similar attributes.

Even though he is from the southeastern part of Nigeria, his family moved to Lagos State, the southwestern part of Nigeria, where Eronini was born and raised. This is where he also completed his basic education.

Following this, he continued his education by attending his secondary school at the Supreme Education Foundation. This was where Eronini Osinachim completed his studies and obtained his Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

From his educational background, one can tell that Eronini Osinachim is not from an average background at all. Instead, he is actually from a well-to-do family,  as are most students of the Supreme Education Foundation School.

Photo of Eronini osinachim when he was younger versus presently
Photo of Eronini Osinachim when he was younger versus presently (credit: Instagram/Eroniniofficial)

Supreme Education Foundation School in Lagos is a prestigious institution. Eronini Osinachim really got the best grassroots education.

After a very well-grounded primary and secondary education, Eronini Osinachim then gained admission into the University of Lagos, where he is currently studying to acquire a bachelor’s degree, despite his acting career.

Like most actors who face the same situation, Eronini Osinachim is juggling acting and his academics in order to fulfill his goal of earning a bachelor’s degree as well as achieving his dreams of being a renowned actor.

2. Eronini Osinachim Parents

Eronini Osinachim biography will not be complete without talking about his parents and his family life.

Eronini Osinachim was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Prince O.C. Eronini of Owerri town, in Imo State, Nigeria. Eronini Osinachim is born into a family of six children.

The talented actor, Eronini Osinachim is a Nigerian from the Igbo tribe and his background is deeply rooted in Igbo culture as a result of the cultural orientation gotten from his parents.

Eronini Osinachim’s parents, who are both from Nigeria, originally hail from Owerri in Imo State, a region in the southeastern part of the country.

Eronini Osinachim parents
A rare portrait of Eronini Osinachim’s parents (credit:instagram/eroniniofficial)

Eronini Osinachim’s parents are Christians, and therefore played a role in his religious upbringing, passing their beliefs onto him as well as their morals and culture.

Eronini Osinachim parents played a significant role in his upbringing and education, making sure that Eronini Osinachim and his siblings got the very best education in the country.

They also focused on providing a supportive environment for all their children and that enabled Eronini Osinachim to pursue his passions from a very young age while getting all the love and care he deserved.

3. Eronini Osinachim Siblings

Eronini Osinachim’s family consists of six children, he comes from a large family of eight. His siblings are Daze Eronini Oruro, Nnenna Munachi Eronini, Nnadozie Eronini, Nwachukwu Chinemere Eronini and Amarachi  Eronini.

Eronini Osinachim’s family is a big part of his life, though not much is known about his siblings because Eronini Osinachim has shown that he lives a very private life.

He rarely makes mention of his family life online, which only goes to prove that fact further. There were also speculations that he is a twin, however it was just an edited picture of him.

Eronini Osinachim has a very close relationship with his siblings, his outward joy and peaceful nature reflect his good upbringing and strong values.

Eronini Osinachim’s family is a peaceful and happy one, and there have been no scandals whatsoever as to their way of life. This is largely due to the fact that he rarely mentions his family online.

4. Eronini Osinachim Career

Eronini Osinachim is very active on social media, his Instagram account and YouTube channel have a huge number of followers and massive engagement, especially by people of the younger generation.

TikTok is not left out, fans gushing over his finesse, and his looks, his charm, and his light skin are on the lips of all his female fans. Eronini Osinachim is very much invested in maintaining his relevance online, as he puts out content regularly.

Eronini Osinachim started off as a model and social media influencer, wowing his fans with an ethereal sense of style and charisma. He is a commercial fashion model, he has a lot of content showing his posh lifestyle.

He made his big Nollywood debut, with the movie ‘Mannerless’, where he played ‘Jake’, the male lead’s cousin, in partnership with Ruth Kadiri. His role in this movie popularized his rare talent for acting.

Eronini Osinachim then went on to feature in other roles such as ‘Steven’ in ‘Perfect Four’, only grounding his fame and skilled artistry in the movie industry.

He has gone on to do even bigger things since then, filming in more movies like ‘Boys To Men’ and ‘Bees and Honey’, many stemming from Nollywood productions to web series.

He has been featured in many commercials which is due to his talent as well as his good looks. Eronini Osinachim stood as an ambassador for many brands some of them are the famously known ‘Golden Penny Pasta’, ‘Oraimo’, and even ‘Heineken’.

He continues to set the movie industry ablaze with his commitment, featuring in a good number of series and movies alike.

5. Eronini Osinachim Girlfriend

A lot of fans are interested in Eronini Osinachim biography because they are very curious about his relationship status. Especially his female fans who always gush over him due to his good looks and charisma.

Eronini Osinachim was previously dating Moymo Fadekemi Adesunloye, a fashion influencer, content creator, and model like himself.

They looked great together, sharing sweet loving moments with their fans on YouTube, with the pseudonym ‘Moyonini’ to further push their relationship.

Eronini Osinachim and ex-girlfriend Moymo Fadeke
Eronini Osinachim and ex-girlfriend Moymo Fadeke (credit; youtube/nini and moyo)

They are not together anymore however, the reasons for this remain undisclosed and kept under wraps. They’ve established their independence from each other, now living separate lives. This broke the hearts of their fans.

Eronini is currently single in the public’s eye, as there has been no announcement of any romantic engagement from him since then.

He is however rumored to have something promising with the popular Angel Unigwe, and though unsure, fans wish they were together and gush on about it under their posts together.

6. Eronini Osinachim Net Worth

Eronini currently, is estimated to be worth about $40,000, inclusive of his modeling gigs from big fashion brands who pay their models massively,

Also, his acting in several huge movie productions and content creation helps him bag some endorsement deals and earn from monetized social platforms most especially YouTube.

Branching out into the content creation section more, he has been doing more in the social spaces, TikTok and Instagram to be precise. However, he is promising to be worth much more in the near future, considering his dedication and creativity in his field.

His recent joining of a group called ‘The Geng’, a group of social media influencers, inclusive of Enioluwa Adeoluwa, Susan Pwajok, Priscilla Ojo, John Merry, Ammie, SoftMadeIt, and Tobeszn amongst others, promises a lot more opportunities as well.

Originally formed as a hub for creating and sharing content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and for boosting each other’s platforms and personal brands, the group has swiftly expanded its horizons.

In under two months, their Instagram and TikTok pages have both skyrocketed to over 100,000 followers. They’ve also secured exciting collaborations with popular artists like Zlatan and Rema, among many others, marking their rapid ascent in the social media world.

This is promising to be a big step for Eronini Osinachim and his career as a public figure and otherwise.

7. Conclusion

Eronini Osinachim biography is a testament to the fact that his career has been fairly smooth, garnering no rumors for now apart from the ones flying around regarding himself and Angel Unigwe’s involvement.

Enough has been said about Eronini Osinachim biography for it to be seen clearly that he is committed to making a name for himself in the movie industry.

As he pushes forward in his creative pursuit, he continues to set the bar for other artists like himself, doing more and more innovative things.

There’s more to come from Eronini Osinachim, and his fans are all here for it. He remains an inspiration to young creators everywhere.

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